Christmas Tree Alternatives for Small Retail Spaces and Store Windows

Welcome November! Online voting has closed for the store display contest with Paddywax Candles and Gifts & Decorative Accessories magazine. The submissions were amazing and the top three moved on to the judges to determine the grand prize winner, which will be announced in the December issue of the magazine. You can still view the stores that entered in an album on the Retail Details blog Facebook page.

Meanwhile, we get so many requests for ideas for Christmas tree alternatives to use in small retail spaces and store windows, so we are sharing some of our favorites. Looking for more? Check out the Retail Details pinterest boards and @RetailDetails on Instagram, too!










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20+ stores entered the Stores That Shine store display contest and the submissions are fabulous! Online voting is now closed and the top three entries are in the hands of the judges. The grand prize winner will be announced on December 1.

You may vote once per day through November 1, 2015.


Contest details: Retail Details blog and Gifts & Decorative Accessories magazine partnered with Paddywax Candles to co-sponsor the Stores That Shine store display competition. Over 20 retailers sent in pictures of their store displays and now it’s time for you to vote. The winning store will receive $1000 msrp in Paddywax Candle merchandise, a magazine feature, a visual merchandising consultation and a three year subscription to the magazine. The winner will be announced in the December issue of Gifts & Decorative Accessories.

Stores That Shine! Display Contest Launch

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August 2015: Paddywax Candles, Gifts & Decorative Accessories and Retail Details blog join forces to sponsor the Stores That Shine! store display contest. Brick and mortar stores in the US are invited to submit images of displays that include Paddywax Candles for a chance to win a bundle of prizes including free product, a magazine feature, a visual merchandising consultation and magazine subscriptions. Scroll to the bottom image in this post to view the contest flyer with details and visit for the official rules and entry instructions.


Need some ideas and inspiration for candle displays? Here are a few from Paddywax Candles social media pages and pinterest boards.


Showrooms at the gift shows are great resources for display ideas. Take notes and pictures when at market. Many of the showrooms and vendors post pictures on instagram and facebook, so follow your favorites for more inspiration!



Browse magazines, blogs and gift guides for display theme inspirations.


Photograph your displays with social media in mind and search instagram for flatlay ideas that provide inspiration for display combinations and interesting use of props.


Customers like to see products in use and styled in realistic settings, so they can envision the merchandise in their homes.


Cross merchandise brands and products for visual interest. Contest entries may contain products from other lines mixed with Paddywax Candles.


Submissions will be accepted through October 9, 2015 and the winner will be announced on December 1, 2015.


GOOD LUCK in the contest. We can’t wait to see your STORES THAT SHINE!



Altar’d State Store Spotlight: Celebrating Visual Merchandising and Store Displays


Retail Details blog Altar'd State Cincinnati OH visual merchandising

Altar’d State Cincinnati OH location

What first caught my eye about the Altar’d State stores, were the recessed, framed display areas on the walls. This feature allows for deeper shelves without protruding out into the retail walk space.


Retail Details blog Altar'd State Mason OH visual merchandising

Altar’d State Mason OH location

Area rugs spotlight display tables and those ceilings are fabulous, with charming lighting, too.


Retail Details blog Altar'd State Charlottesville VA visual merchandising

Altar’d State Charlottesville VA location

Display Tip: Note the arrangement of the display tables in the above image. Tables with varying sizes add visual interest and in some cases, allow tables to nest or overlap a bit. The industrial pipe rolling racks are smaller than many standard sizes, allowing for more flexibility in placement. I like how they frame a corner of the table display grouping in the photo, above.


Retail Details blog Altar'd State Charlottesville VA visual merchandising store spotlight

Altar’d State, Charlottesville VA location

Each of the locations has a unique personality, but similar fixtures and staging techniques stay true to the brand.


Retail Details blog Altar'd State Charlottesville VA visual merchandising

Altar’d State Charlottesville VA location

Half-round display tables are one of my favorite fixtures as they can be combined to make a round table, placed flush against a wall or serve as endcaps for display tables, as shown in the jewelry area in the image, above.


Retail Details blog Altar'd State Cumming GA visual merchandising store

Altar’d State Cumming GA location

Note the zig-zag placement of the doors that serve as a backdrop for the denim display. Hinging doors allow for expanding or contracting depending on the width needed and can also fold flat for storage when not in use.


Retail Details blog Altar'd State El Paso TX visual merchandising store

Altar’d State El Paso TX location

The rustic-chic theme is charming and I applaud the attention paid to details in the visual merchandising.


Retail Details blog Altar'd State Knoxville TN visual merchandising

Altar’d State Knoxville TN location

The Altar’d State brand was born in 2009 with one store with a mission to fill a gap in the retail industry and change the world for the better and they currently have almost 50 stores in the United States. Brian Mason and Aaron Walters met while working for a large clothing chain and opened the first Altar’d State location in Knoxville, TN. Driven by the desire to give back to those in need,  Altar’d State has donated over $1,100,000 to various charities.

All images courtesy of Altar’d State.

Stay display inspired!

Retail Details blog, Becky Tyre, Swirl Marketing ~Becky