Retail Roadtrip Recap part 1

Happy New Year! Between Facebook, Instagram and the blog, I share images from the stores we visit each year, but this past year was so busy that I seem to have an especially large cache of visual merchandising pictures, so I’ll spend the next few blog posts sharing some of my favorites.

Red Rooster Boerne Retail Details visual merchandising Becky Tyre

Red Rooster Boerne, Texas

What a pleasant surprise! I knew Boerne had enough independent stores to warrant a day trip during our Texas retail road trip, but I could have spent several days in this charming town. I had followed Red Rooster for quite a while on social media and the merchandising was just as lovely as in their posts. I wish I could have returned in November to see the store transformed into a holiday wonderland. (Check out their FB page and IG feed to see what I mean.)

Woodstock, Vermont:

Vermont Flannel Woodstock visual merchandising retail details Becky Tyre

Vermont Flannel in Woodstock, VT

A family trip to Vermont in October was a treat beyond words. The fall foliage was spectacular and we stayed a few extra days to “work” and visited stores in Burlington, Stowe, Windsor, Quechee, Waterbury and Woodstock. Loran (the official Retail Details photographer) and I took over 1000 pictures between us. One of his favorite stores was The Vermont Flannel Co. 


Retail Details visual merchandising retail road trip Becky Tyre

Busy Bee in Live Oak, Florida

Most of our retail road trips begin on a plane, but I decided to explore my home state of Florida a bit more in 2017. I forgot how long it takes to drive the length of Florida as we headed towards some beach towns in the panhandle. On the way, a friend suggested I check out the Busy Bee truck stop in Live Oak and I was impressed with the variety and selection of gifts and souvenirs in their flagship store. I heard it was cited best truck stop in the USA, but after visiting Bucees in Texas a few months later, I think they may have some competition for that distinction.

Inlet Beach, Florida:

Outpost Inlet Beach Seaside 30A retail details roadtrip visual merchandising Becky Tyre

Outpost in Inlet Beach, Florida

One of the first stops in the FL Panhandle was a new plaza on 30A in Inlet Beach to visit Mingle, a new store I discovered on Instagram. I reached out in advance to owner, Rebecca for suggestions of other local shops worthy of a peek. (Small business owners are so generous to share suggestions for our trips!) She suggested Outpost, a lovely shop just across the way from hers. A lovely mix of home decor, gifts and apparel, the owners designed the shop to perfectly capture a seaside sophistication vibe. Note: Yes, we made it to Mingle and I’ll share pics from there soon.

Margaretville, New York:

Home Goods of Margaretville NY retail road trip visual merchandising retail details

Home Goods of Margaretville, NY

A final image for this post is actually a repeat retail visit. I had been to Home Goods of Margaretville right after Christmas in 2016, so I was curious to see how different the stores in the Catskills are during the summer wedding season versus winter ski season. The local specialty food items were a favorite on this trip!

That’s all for now, but I’ll share more soon. Meanwhile, follow along on Instagram and Facebook and if you are attending Dallas Market Center or NY NOW for winter gift shows, check out my seminars and panels.

Stay display inspired! ~Becky Tyre



8 display ideas to merchandise any products

Use clever display ideas to present merchandise in intriguing ways. Sometimes displays are intended to catch a customer’s attention and others strive to draw them closer. Either way, visual merchandising is a tool to sell products and well planned displays sell LOTS more product. This post explores some ideas to inspire creative displays.

Visual merchandiser Marissa Wood uses jumbo foam core hands in a store window to bring attention to the textile display. The hands serve a dual purpose, as they also represent the touching of fabrics, emphasizing the textures and feel of the fabrics.

The designers at Lanvin created several installations of feather displays for the Paris store. Attached to the apparel and accessories, the attention to detail in feather placement is impressive.

An all-white window at Sam’s Shoes in Reedley, CA is the perfect backdrop for a series of colorful over-sized hanging shoe mobiles. Sandals and flip flops seem to float effortlessly in a display of summer fun.

It’s gift show season and retailers who attend the market centers know the value of noting display ideas in the showrooms. The rep groups and manufacturers pay us to come up with fun and functional ideas, so take advantage of this great resource of ideas.Onecoast  showrooms are known for their displays and last week in Dallas was no exception. I love the backdrop of this Mud Pie area and you may notice that the backdrop “screen” uses the shape from the Mud Pie logo. Brand emphasis is a positive bonus in any display. Note the use of the Mud Pie logo shape in this wall display, as well. Choosing background colors with the product in mind allows you to display several unrelated collections in a single cohesive display area.

Glass bottles, jugs and inverted bowls serve as jewelry displays at Hiho Home Market in Gardiner, NY. The glass props are intriguing, but not intrusive and do not distract from the jewelry on display. The old music book in the background is a lovely touch. I’ve visited Hiho Home Market and enjoyed peeking at all the wonderful display vignettes.

At Retail Details, we are always on the lookout for fun display shelves and lately we notice a trend of random stacking shelf units. These are just so much fun. We wanted to share a few. Enjoy!

Next stop: Orlando and then on to Atlanta for the gift show. Email me if you will be there. Maybe we will have a chance to meet and compare notes. Stay display inspired!

Retail Details blog, Becky Tyre, Swirl Marketing~Becky

As always, thanks for spending a few minutes celebrating displays with the Retail Details blog. We invite you to submit images of your displays to be considered for inclusion the blog.  Becky Tyre also writes Display Inspirations articles for GIFT SHOP Magazine and welcomes display pictures submitted for print, as well. See contact info in the sidebar of this blog.

Merchandising stories, showroom displays and a surprise inspiration to share

Visual merchandisers tell stories using merchandise, color, lighting and props, not words. Well, maybe a few words now and then.

The New Year’s window in Lancaster, PA, clearly states a resolution for 2012. My Aunt Debbie is an enchanting boutique featuring handcrafted fashion and accessories by independent, mostly-local designers. Inside you will find a collection of curious clothing and innovative accessories, with an emphasis on creative re-use. In other words— a story.

Sometimes the display story is a vignette compiled by gathering merchandise with a single theme and using props to fill the page.  At trade shows and showrooms, vendors group their products into collections. This Mud Pie display in the OneCoast showroom at Dallas Market Center, has a sealife theme with neutral colored merchandise. The visual team chose a lovely ocean blue for the anchor wall and added some seashells for effect.

More showroom displays:

Pallets started to show up at the summer shows last year, following an interior decor trend. At the NYIGF this week, several booths used pallets in their merchandising and this one stands out due to the juxtaposition of the handmade porcelain and stoneware from dbO Home against the rough wood of the pallets.

We love the Tokyo Bay area inside The Portico Collection showroom at the Dallas show earlier this month. View more Portico displays, click here. Several of their lines have amazing displays right now!

Back in New York, Sarah Oliver Handbags has a lovely booth at the New York International Gift Fair. By choosing a single accent color and some superb graphics, the temporary booth allows the merchandise to tell the story without shouting. The subtly color-blocked back wall anchors the space and the hinged side walls add dimension to the booth.

Bonus Inspiration Shots: Stay display inspired!

Megan Geckler uses flagging tape to create huge one-of-a-kind installations by hand. Thanks to Design Milk for turning us on to her. I’ll let her pictures speak for themselves and if they inspire a store window, we sure hope you will share a picture with the Retail Details blog. We’ll be happy to share it with our little world (a mere 4 million visitors last year).

Display. Sell. Repeat.

Retail Details blog, Becky Tyre, Swirl Marketing~Becky

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Showrooms, inspired visual merchandising, fun store displays and retail celebrations!

It’s Gift Show Season! All the marts are buzzing with activity as buyers visit showrooms, order new product, attend seminars, make contacts and look for display ideas. Manufacturers, vendors, showroom and booth designers put immense thought and effort into their visual merchandising. Retailers can take note of this hard work and use the displays as inspiration back in their own stores. Here are recent pictures from showrooms in Atlanta and Dallas.

Stay display inspired!

Retail Details Blog, Global Views SAT3, store display, visual merchandisingIf you want a lesson in effective use of color in visual merchandising, visit a showroom that carries Global Views products. Their showroom displays are a feast for my eyes. You can see them in Dallas, New York, High Point, Las Vegas and Atlanta. These two pictures are from their area inside the Southern Accessories Today showroom in the Americasmart in Atlanta.

Retail Details Blog, Global Views SAT2, store display, visual merchandising

Retail Details Blog, Global Views, store display, visual merchandisingThis photo, above, is from their showroom in the Dallas Mart. Last month, I was able to spend an hour browsing this showroom in awe. Global Views is always one of my first stops at market!

One challenge that faces showroom designers – even more than at the retail level – is having to display various seasons at once. Color stories can help differentiate the delivery seasons, as shown here by Scene Weaver at  the OneCoast showroom  in Atlanta.

Retail Details Blog, OneCoast Scene Weaver ATL, store display, visual merchandising

Retail Details Blog, OneCoast Scene Weaver Dallas, store display, visual merchandising

Scene Weaver pillows and throws, as currently displayed in the OneCoast showroom in Dallas. Below, is the same merchandise in the showroom in Atlanta today.

Retail Details Blog, One Coast Scene Weaver ATL, store display, visual merchandising

Retail Details Blog, OneCoast Mudpie, store display, visual merchandisingSometimes single colors are the best way to make a statement. This is particularly effective when displaying a collection such as this pink grouping by Mud Pie in the OneCoast showroom in Atlanta. And how cute is that ice cream cone made of petticoat fabric on the wall? This next picture, from the same showroom, uses cloud props and what could be a twin-size headboard on the wall.

Retail Details Blog, OneCoast, store display, visual merchandising

Retail Details Blog, Bentleys Reserve OneCoast, store display, visual merchandisingBentley’s Reserve makes the most of their cubical fixtures – shown here before and after stocking it in the OneCoast showroom in Dallas. Notice the placement of product, signage and literature throughout the shelves. The addition of baskets in the lowest cubes give the bottom weight for a balanced display. They created some eye relief by leaving a few cubes empty except for the deco-words Eat and Enjoy. This is an extraordinary display example!

A few more display examples from the Southern Accessories Today showroom in Atlanta:

Retail Details Blog, Global Views SAT1, store display, visual merchandisingOnce again, their use of color and merchandise arrangement shows a nice blend of mixing metals and a little pop of color. The result allows the white products to really stand out! Product areas are Dwell Studio and Studio A.

Shopping in Stockholm, part 3:

Retail Details Blog, Accessorize Stockholm, store display, visual merchandisingLife preservers have always made good props for resort and spring displays, but the colors, stripes and dots on these took this visual merchandising staple to a new level. These two displays at ACCESSORIZE immediately caught my eye on my way to tour a retail store elsewhere in Stockholm. The background graphics were quite nice, as well. I wish I had taken a picture from further back to get the full effect of this display story. To read/view parts 1 and 2 of the Stockholm Sweden displays, click here and it will open in a new window.

Back in the USA: retail displays from California, Iowa and Florida:

Retail Details Blog, Daisy's Alamadea CA, store display, visual merchandisingDon’t you just love how the cake stands are used in the displays on these shelves at Daisy’s in Alameda, CA?

Retail Details Blog, RSVP Iowa, store display, visual merchandisingAt Retail Details, we LOVE interesting vases used for jewelry displays! This one is from RSVP in Iowa City, IA.

Retail Details Blog, Snap Kids, store display, visual merchandisingCute display idea for headbands and hair ties using a boot and a bottle at Snap Tweens in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.

Congratulations to HiHo Home Market:

Retail Details Blog, Hiho Home Market, store display, visual merchandisingRetail Details & Swirl Marketing send our warmest congratulations to our friends at HiHo Home Market as they celebrate being named Country Business Magazine’s2011 Retailer of the Year!  Last fall, on a retail tour through Connecticut and New York, we were lucky enough to visit HiHo Home Market in Gardiner, NY. It is a lovely shop filled with an eclectic mix of current and vintage merchandise. Upstairs there is a room dedicated to Christmas year-round. The owner, Heidi Hill-Haddard has a true talent for visual merchandising and all 15 rooms have imaginative displays that change often. In fact, they were a finalist in our New Year Store Display contest earlier this year. We have featured HiHo Home displays in the blog several times in the last few years and look forward to sharing more in the future!

Stay display inspired!

Retail Details blog, Becky Tyre, Swirl Marketing~Becky


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