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We love visual merchandising! Retail Details blog reviews hundreds of store display pictures every week. In this bonus blog post we share a few favorites.

Chelsea’s pick:

This is one of Chelsea’s favorite displays at the Baglady Boutique in Springfield, MO. The bed is an old twin bed, painted a beautiful shade of brick red. They change the bed and accessories to match the season or to showcase new bedding designs. Additional quilts are hung on the wall in a way that encourages customers to touch them and to see the reverse sides. Accessories are displayed on the bed and numerous rugs peek out from beneath. 

Chelsea Redfern is an intern at The Retail Details blog and is a visual merchandising princess 😉

Becky’s pick:

There are no fashion faux paws in Naples, Florida, because the pampered pets are outfitted from Pucci & Catana Luxury Pet Boutique. Their pet beds, food dishes and water bowls are displayed in a white wall unit worthy of the designer handbags in surrounding stores in the upscale shopping area known as Fifth Avenue South.

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Stay display inspired!

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Becky Tyre is the owner of the Retail Details blog at SwirlMarketing.com and visual merchandising consultant, speaker and writer. Becky is also the Trends Editor for GIFT SHOP Magazine.


Store displays in Stockholm – part 2

We had picture perfect weather for our visit in Sweden earlier this month. The parks were filled with families enjoying the warm weather and the shop windows were starting to look like summer – or SOMMAR, as they call it.

The floor of the store window at SCAMPI in Stockholm is covered with a woven, natural rope rug. It becomes a perfect base for a beach window featuring their mix and match swimsuit separates. Hovering above the display are colorful birds hung with ropes. This is an excellent example of texture and color use in display.

Fence lacing at Odd Molly:

Odd Molly is known for their creative store interiors. The Stockholm store has chain link fencing in the windows and it has been enhanced with a procedure called “lacing”. It is an eye-catching, clever process that provides two-sided display and works well in windows, as well as against walls.

Father’s Day is not in June in Sweden, but we stumbled upon this menswear display window. The frames were filled with scrunched white fabric for a very interesting effect.

The Nordic Museum was having a Fashion Exhibition. In conjunction with the museum show, a local shopping mall, Sture Gallerian, had a dandy exhibit.

At the entrance to each store, a pedestal was placed with signage promoting the dandy theme. Atop each pedestal was a glass dome and each store created a vignette display featuring items from their store.

At least 30 shops had the display domes and it was a pleasant added feature for our mall tour.

I returned from Sweden to head to Dallas for the gift show. I’ll post some display ideas from Dallas showrooms soon.

Stay display inspired!

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Becky Tyre is a Florida-based journalist, visual merchandising consultant and display designer. She writes about retail topics, blogging and visual merchandising for national and trade publications. She is the owner and writer of the Retail Details blog at SwirlMarketing.com Email: SwirlMarketing@comcast.net

Fabulous fitting rooms and summer store displays

I’m looking at the summer gift show calendar and it looks like there’s no way to avoid the heat.  Dallas, Atlanta, Orlando, Los Angeles, Ft. Lauderdale, Las Vegas and with the recent heat in the northeast, it looks like New York City may not be any cooler. I can’t wait to visit some stores in Connecticut in October! For now, here are a few summer inspired displays:

Naples Soap Company, Retail Details blog, store displayWhen your original store is located in a beach town, especially in Southwest Florida, you can use star fish, sea grass, shells and sand as display props all year round. I love the mix of white glass vase-style containers and the natural-colored boxes. I’ll bet it smells good, too! The Naples Soap Company has expanded to Georgia, Massachusetts and most recently, South Carolina. It’s encouraging to see a retail business growing. 

Ants Display, Don Mechanic Showroom, Retail Details blog
Don Mechanic Showroom, Dallas Mart, Dallas TX

If you were at the gift show in Dallas last month, you likely saw this cute little picnic scene in the window at the Don Mechanic Showroom. It was right by the escalator and every day it made me smile. I was “prop shopping” for fall and holiday displays, but I’ll bet these ants were used in more than a few 4th of July retail window displays. I’m planning to peek in their Atlanta showroom next week and see what other fun display ideas I can find.

Retail Details blog, store window, visual merchandising, retail display ideas

This window is a follow-up to prior blogs where I featured bikes as visual merchandising props. One of my favorite features of using a bike prop is that it functions as a 2-sided display. I always appreciate a store window that is also an interior display. I understand that the store in this picture is no longer in business. I hope the wonderful old bike found a good retail home.

Fusion Home Fashion, Retail Details blog, belt display idea

I look for display inspirations wherever I go. Every once in a while, I get stopped in my tracks by a simple idea that I wish I could claim as my own. Belts are a challenge to display in a tidy and eye-catching way. Fusion Home Fashion solves that problem with this wall-mounted belt display currently in their store at the Legacy Shops in Plano, TX. They mounted basic cabinet door handles and spaced them so that the belts could be positioned to display five belts in a very interesting configuration. Note the sectioned shelf at the bottom and you have a very clever, effective display.

I’m adding these to my favorite fabulous fitting room file!
Confederacy Boutique, Retail Details blog, fitting rooms
Shop Confederacy – Hollywood, CA

 These vintage telephone booths serve as the fitting rooms at Shop Confederacy in Los Angeles, CA. Inspired by the 1940’s, each fitting room has an antique telephone that dials the front desk in case you need a different size. They also have a tea room you can book ahead for private fittings.

Lynn Steven Boutique, Retail Details blog, Fitting roomsThe Lynn Steven Boutique in Vancouver, British Columbia has a circular structure in the center of the store. When you get close, you can see

Lynn Steven Boutique, Retail Details blog, Fitting rooms

Lynn Steven Boutique - Vancouver, Canada

that the round walls are constructed by stacking used paperback books. The local architecture firm, McFarlane Green Biggar, have been widely recognized for this design and how it fits with a sustainable philosophy.

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Stay display inspired!

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Retail Details blog – store display ideas go viral!

Viral in a good way, that is. Who would have thought that a blog about visual merchandising would be viewed over 680,000 times? Obviously, you are kindly sharing it with your colleagues and the new reader “unique” numbers just keep doubling month to month. And Facebook – wow!  Thousands of retailers are getting to the blog via FB. What an incredible response. Thanks! Many more inspirations to come – starting now…

LaDifference, La Difference, Retail Details blog 3-27-10


LaDifference  is celebrating their 30th year in the home furnishings and decor business in Richmond, Virginia.  La Diff is well known for their wonderful window displays and are especially elaborate considering they are a single store, independent retailer. They currently have this colorful, “sweet” store window to feature their kids department. I’ve included a close-up picture so you can see the intricate details of the candy pieces.

Collier West store, Columbus Ohio, Retail Details blog 3-27-10

Collier West - Columbus, Ohio

Collier West, in Columbus, Ohio, has the coolest big red letters in their store, but that’s only the beginning. For years, Suzy West worked in the visual merchandising field with a national retail brand and now puts her skills to use creating displays using a unique collection of home decor and gifts from local artisans and from around the world. I especially love the gorgeous peacock placed on a shelf up high. It may seem that pretty merchandise makes it easy display, but when you have one of a kind and hand-crafted items, it can be quite a challenge. Thanks, Suzy, for sharing and inspiring.

Hugs and Hissy Fits, Angel's Toy Barn, Retail Details blog 3-27-10

Angel's Toy Barn - Greensburg, PA (left) Hugs and Hissy Fits - Ft. Walton Beach and Destin, FL (right)

Beetlebugs and butterflies are there to greet you when enter Angel’s Toy Barn in the Westmoreland Mall in Greensburg, PA.  Toy stores frequently look cluttered and over-stocked.  The displays get “touched” alot and it’s an added challenge to keep them neat, so toy retailers don’t always make the effort to create table groupings like the one pictured above. The happy umbrella catches your attention and creates some height (and some smiles). The picture on the right, above, shows a twin size, painted, wrought iron headboard mounted on the wall of Hugs and Hissy Fits in Florida.  The scrolling details serve as hooks for the infant clothing. The display piece is large, but it is delicate enough not to overwhelm the itsy, bitsy, teeny, tiny little outfits.

Dedrick's - New Paltz, Vignettes - Yorkville, Retail Details blog 3-27-10

Dedrick's Pharmacy and Gifts - New Paltz, NY (left & center) Vignettes Decor - Yorkville, IL (right)

Spring displays are refreshing, as they usually mean the end of cold weather is approaching.  A few weeks ago we examined old suitcases as display props and above you can see how Dedrick’s Pharmacy and Gifts, in New Paltz, NY, uses new suitcases in a spring pillow display. The center picture, also from Dedrick’s, is a spring grouping that can serve as an Easter display, yet remains current after the holiday passes, since they show bird eggs. A simple, but effective grouping. On the right, above, Vignettes Decor, in Yorkville, IL, created a swan pond in an old footed bathtub. I am sure that the hand-painted swans sell better floating in the tub than they would stacked on a shelf or sitting on the floor. I suspect there are no ugly ducklings at Vignettes.

The Cottage - Beresford, ReInvent Store - Auburn, Retail Details blog 3-27-10

The Cottage - Beresford, SD (left) ReInvent - Auburn, AL (right)

Single color simplicity. The Cottage, in Beresford, SD, sells antiques, gifts and home decor items – old and new. They manage to integrate the pleasures with the treasures, as exampled above, in the picture of the dresser. The reason this picture caught my eye, though, was due to the purple scarf draped unobtrusively amidst the merchandise. Subtle. Nice touch.  On the right,  shows a bolder use of color at ReInvent, a new store in Auburn, AL.  By adding the bright color to the back walls of the hutch, it creates depth and draws attention to the small items that are for sale there.  This display also shows an example of using multiples and the technique of showing only one type of product/packaging per shelf. This is a textbook display example. Take note.

Retail Details blog 3-27-10

Inspiration display idea of the month

For my American readers, I am providing this next picture to inspire an Independence Day – 4th of July window. If you find the concept useful, I hope you will submit pictures of your display creation. No hints, but good luck finding newspaper pages with no color ads.

Thanks for your time and as always, stay display inspired! You can submit display pictures to Becky@SwirlMarketing.com

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