Keeping an Eye on Retail. Literally.

A recent visit to a local eyeglasses studio reminded me of a conversation about Warby Parker and their beautiful retail concepts. I thought you might enjoy seeing a few of the stores and how the retail designers celebrate each geographic location while staying true to the brand. Stay display inspired!

Warby Parker store retail visual merchandising

Warby Parker Scottsdale, Arizona

Warby Parker celebrates a love of books in most of their locations and this Scottsdale store is no exception. The attention to lighting is superb and I’m a big fan of the terrazzo tile floor in this location.

Warby Parker store retail visual merchandising

Warby Parker Scottsdale, AZ


Warby Parker store retail visual merchandising

Warby Parker Miami, Florida

The Miami location is a tribute to Florida colors and the “pool” references are truly on-point!

Warby Parker store retail visual merchandising

Warby Parker Miami, FL


Warby Parker store retail visual merchandising

Warby Parker San Francisco, California

Known for the use of murals, the exterior design of Warby Parker on Hayes Street in San Francisco is iconic in the area. This location features a cozy reading nook and stocks periodicals sourced from independent presses.

Warby Parker store retail visual merchandising

Warby Parker San Francisco, CA

Keeping a đź‘€ eye đź‘“ on retail and sharing ideas when we can. Stay display inspired!


Retail Road Trips & Display Recap part 1

As the year comes to an end, it’s a good time to reflect on some of the lovely stores we visited and celebrate all the independent retailers we met along the way. Enjoy this recap and as always… Stay display inspired!


A speaking engagement in Ohio gave me the opportunity to take a side trip to visit some retail stores in Pittsburgh, PA. Located in a former run down old bar, No. 14 Boutique was a true gem of a find with lovely displays. Owners Michelle and Brianne turned the space into the most chic 1000 square feet in Lawrenceville.


No. 14 Boutique – Pittsburgh, PA

When a writing assignment in Nashville coincided with an event I have wanted to attend for quite some time, the stars aligned and we finally attended one of the City Farmhouse Pop-up Fairs in Franklin, TN.


The vendor booths are truly a lesson in merchandise styling.


One of my favorite themes was how many of the vendors incorporated flowers and plants in the styling of their booths.


Kim Leggett, the organizer of the City Farmhouse pop-up fairs, has a book coming out in 2017 and I’m told she shares some of her styling secrets, so I’ll be watching for the book release and keep you posted.

Speaking of books…


In the Company of Women by Grace Bonney, pictured here at Oxford Exchange in Tampa, FL., is one of my favorite books this year. Featuring insights from over 100 makers, artists, and entrepreneurs, it is an unprecedented collection of empowering advice and inspiration.


Soapology, New York, NY

Gift industry trade shows take me to Atlanta and New York at least twice per year, so I enjoy exploring neighborhoods and finding fun stores like Soapology NYC, (above) and Boogaloos Boutique (below) in Ponce City Market in Atlanta.


The creativity in retail stores never ceases to amaze me. I hope you find inspiration in following the visual merchandising examples that I post throughout the year. Want to see more? Follow Retail Details blog on social media, too. Links in the sidebar.

Stay display inspired!

~Becky Tyre

Surprise Elements in Displays

I frequently stumble on store displays that make me stop and take note and well… take pictures, of course. When I step in for a closer look, I am occasionally thrilled by a surprise element. That happened recently in the charming town of Franklin, Tennessee.

anthropologie store display The staggered display tables at the Anthropologie on Main Street in Franklin were merchandised beautifully with a nice element of plants and an attractive height feature hanging above for visual interest.

Anthro Visual Merchandising

Here’s the view from above. Stunning from all angles.

Store display Anthropologie

When I got close enough to touch it, the flowers were made from paper cupcake liners, as I had suspected, but on closer look…

Anthro display franklin tn

The buds are actually balloons! Wow.

Leave a comment with your thoughts. Do you love Anthropologie displays as much as I do?

Stay display inspired!



Green Roof at Javits Center

I realize it is a bit off-topic from my usual visual merchandising posts, but I had the privilege of attending a press tour of the Green roof of New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center during the NYNOW show and I want to share the unique experience with you. Many of our blog followers attend trade shows in this building, so knowing what goes on downstairs in the complex makes the upstairs even more of a fascinating contrast. I’m glad I took notes and a photographer!Javits Center nynow

Before heading to the roof, Tony Sclafani, senior vice president and chief communications officer told us about how the thousands of the Javits Center’s highly reflective glass panels were replaced with less reflective, pixilated glass panes outfitted with a bird-deterring dot pattern. The new glass helped to improve the building’s overall energy efficiency and has led to a staggering drop in bird strikes, which had been an issue and cause of some poor press coverage in the past. Not only is the Javits Center significantly less of a contributor to bird injuries and deaths, the building is now a bona fide haven for urban wildlife.

Javits green roof nynow

My first impression was how peaceful it is up there. Spanning nearly 7 acres, it is by far the largest green roof in New York City. Seventeen stories above Midtown Manhattan, the soil and plants of the roof absorb water from storms reducing run-off. Heating and cooling costs are down 25 percent.

javits center nynow green roof

The brown box is a kestrel box, installed to create a safer environment for American kestrels, which have been spotted on the top of the Javits Center. Kestrels are a bird species not usually found on green roofs in New York City. At least eleven species of birds have made the plant-covered roof their home. And bats, too.

javits green roof nynow14 types of sedum, flowering succulents grow in thick mats covering an area roughly equal to the size of five football fields.

javits green roof nynow

The views are spectacular! I suspect the people living in those high rises enjoy the view of the green roof, as well.

javits green roof nynow

More green roof area is planned for the next round of building renovations and will include a public accessible green terrace. So, if you are one of the more than 2 million visitors that attend the hundreds of events at the Javits Center, stay informed of the progress, so that you may have a future experience of the green roof, too!

Thanks to the Javits Center staff and NYNOW Market for this amazing opportunity!

Read more about green roofs at and to see the Javits Center live green roof cam, click here.