Retail Display Shelves Best Practices

Today’s post celebrates a few stores that are “getting it right” with store display shelves. Stay display inspired!

London Avenue Designs, Rockford IL, visual merchandising, retail store, store displays, retail design

London Avenue Designs in Rockford, IL.

I love the shelves at London Avenue Designs in Rockford, IL. The unit is a beautiful design and ideal for the layout of the space and size of the wall. The placement of products is strategic – note the use of multiple (mostly in threes) and the use of plants. The branches are a focal point to catch customers’ attention and pictures inside the frames draw them in for a closer look. Heavy and bulky items on the bottom shelves anchor the display and the smaller items are neatly placed at eye level and within reach. This is a lovely store display fixture and the tall ladder to the left is a nice touch, too!

Art of Home, Cambridge, Ontario, visual merchandising, retail store, store displays, retail design

The Art of Home in Cambridge, Ontario

Message pillows are best displayed more like signs or artwork, as shown at The Art of Home in Cambridge, Ontario. Side by side, the matching shelf units feature a nice mix of soft lines with a few home decor products mixed in for visual interest. Art of Home Cambridge, Ontario, visual merchandising, retail store, store displays, retail design

Did you notice the “We Customize” pillow? Bravo! Nice touch. No sign needed.

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Stay display inspired!


Surprise Elements in Displays

I frequently stumble on store displays that make me stop and take note and well… take pictures, of course. When I step in for a closer look, I am occasionally thrilled by a surprise element. That happened recently in the charming town of Franklin, Tennessee.

anthropologie store display The staggered display tables at the Anthropologie on Main Street in Franklin were merchandised beautifully with a nice element of plants and an attractive height feature hanging above for visual interest.

Anthro Visual Merchandising

Here’s the view from above. Stunning from all angles.

Store display Anthropologie

When I got close enough to touch it, the flowers were made from paper cupcake liners, as I had suspected, but on closer look…

Anthro display franklin tn

The buds are actually balloons! Wow.

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Stay display inspired!



Display Trends: Pinwheels & Paper Props

A quick poll on Facebook revealed that our readers want more do-it-yourself display ideas. We are happy to oblige. Pinwheels are one of my favorite DIY display items. They represent whimsy, fun and a party atmosphere. Typically, we think of them for Spring or Summer, but pinwheels are fun display components for Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Back-To-School and December Holidays, too. Interesting paper choices make all the difference.


Just Be is a store in North Carolina that celebrates things handmade, fair trade and American made gifts in two locations, Burlington and Greensboro. Stocking jewelry, journals, candles and clothing, the gift stores truly have something unique for everyone on a gift-givers list. The shops are beautifully merchandised and they have fun windows. Here are a few pictures of their recent pinwheel displays and a couple of bonus store shots just for fun. Enjoy!


And in the store window…


We owe a shout-out of thanks to our friends at Crystal Media for telling us about the lovely Just Be shops and the fun displays!

Retail_Details_blog_visual_merchandising_Just_Be_4Just Be’s sign for a “window in progress” is cute and serves as a teaser to bring customers back to see the results.


Want to make some pinwheels for displays in your store? Do an internet search for “pinwheel tutorial” and you will find many templates, videos and step-by-step instructions. We’d love to see your results and consider your displays for inclusion in this blog or our social media (links in the sidebar). Thanks and, as always…

Stay Display Inspired!


Turn right on Spring Street and proceed 7 West

What do showroom displays and trade show booths have in common with retail store windows? They each have just a few short moments to catch a buyers attention.

Retail Details Blog Store Displays Spring Street Jewelry at Accessories Show April May 2012 Visual MerchandisingSpring Street Jewelry uses angular bright white tables and cubes with a single accent color in the booth at The Accessories Show. A single pop of color, subtly anchors the displays of precisely placed merchandise. When choosing the pop color, either use a color that is prominent in the collection or a color on the opposite side of the color wheel. Tips for using cubes for display units: stack them to create shelves or stagger them allowing the “spaces” to become additional cubes. If you purchase cubes in varying sizes, they can nest inside each other for travel or storage. Various sizes also stack easily into a pyramid shape display. BIG HINT for traveling displays: purchase or build cubes that slide into each other. Turn the interior cube into a drawer and store merchandise or supplies inside.

Retail Details Blog Store Displays Final Touches Redesign Real Deals April May 2012 Visual MerchandisingThere is nothing not to love about this spring display at Real Deals Home Decor in Granville, OH. It is a terrific example of well-placed merchandise, color patterning, thoughtful groupings and is a superior representation of how to create height in a focal display. Created by Beth Batke of Final Touches Redesign, this image is going into the Retail Details presentation file, so my display clients may see it as an example soon.

Problem solver: Structural Columns

Retail Details Blog Store Displays Fresh Store NYC April May 2012 Visual Merchandising

If your retail space has columns that cannot be removed due to weight-bearing reasons (or just because you love their charm), consider turning a column into a selling space.  At Fresh Store in New York City architectural interest added to the top and bottom allow for round retail shelves in the sell area. Most columns or posts are covered to appear much larger than they need to be. Ask your designer or architect if you could create some retail selling space and visual interest by stripping your columns down to the bare minimum diameter as a starting point.

Retail Details Blog Store Displays 7 west showroom NY April May 2012 Visual MerchandisingDuring the Tabletop show at 7 W New York,  Bess Wyrick, owner of Celadon & Celery transformed the lobby into a bright lemonade stand. Representing a theme of pop-up-shops, this idea could be modified for a store window or in-store display. Beyond spring, this could become a birthday party window (add balloons escaping from the mailboxes) a Halloween display (think candy and bats) and bring the mailboxes out again for the holidays to fill them with Christmas cards.

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Stay display inspired!

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