Valentine display ideas to Love, Luv and <3

The New Year’s confetti is barely swept up and it’s time to think about Valentine’s Day in the retail world. Luckily for visual merchandisers, Valentine’s displays are some of the least complicated to create. Here are some of our favorites for your display inspiration.

retail details blog valentines yarn windowSkeins of yarn mimic candy in this fun Valentine window. The pleated candy cups could be filled with scarves, socks, t-shirts or towels.

Retail details blog Valentine's Day display

Creating an interactive window is a great way to bring people in your store. Include a sign near the spot so that customers can tag your store on social media sites. Foursided in Chicago nailed it with this lighted marquee heart window!

Retail Details blog Valentine window

Quality window graphics attract attention and bring customers in for a closer look.

RD010415-1These two pictures are from the Blue Mountain Arts showroom at Americasmart in Atlanta.


This final image is from Paper Presentation in New York City. Looking out…

RD010415-Paper Presentation valentine day 2014 NYC1

Happy Valentine’s Day. Stay display inspired!


8 display ideas to merchandise any products

Use clever display ideas to present merchandise in intriguing ways. Sometimes displays are intended to catch a customer’s attention and others strive to draw them closer. Either way, visual merchandising is a tool to sell products and well planned displays sell LOTS more product. This post explores some ideas to inspire creative displays.

Visual merchandiser Marissa Wood uses jumbo foam core hands in a store window to bring attention to the textile display. The hands serve a dual purpose, as they also represent the touching of fabrics, emphasizing the textures and feel of the fabrics.

The designers at Lanvin created several installations of feather displays for the Paris store. Attached to the apparel and accessories, the attention to detail in feather placement is impressive.

An all-white window at Sam’s Shoes in Reedley, CA is the perfect backdrop for a series of colorful over-sized hanging shoe mobiles. Sandals and flip flops seem to float effortlessly in a display of summer fun.

It’s gift show season and retailers who attend the market centers know the value of noting display ideas in the showrooms. The rep groups and manufacturers pay us to come up with fun and functional ideas, so take advantage of this great resource of ideas.Onecoast  showrooms are known for their displays and last week in Dallas was no exception. I love the backdrop of this Mud Pie area and you may notice that the backdrop “screen” uses the shape from the Mud Pie logo. Brand emphasis is a positive bonus in any display. Note the use of the Mud Pie logo shape in this wall display, as well. Choosing background colors with the product in mind allows you to display several unrelated collections in a single cohesive display area.

Glass bottles, jugs and inverted bowls serve as jewelry displays at Hiho Home Market in Gardiner, NY. The glass props are intriguing, but not intrusive and do not distract from the jewelry on display. The old music book in the background is a lovely touch. I’ve visited Hiho Home Market and enjoyed peeking at all the wonderful display vignettes.

At Retail Details, we are always on the lookout for fun display shelves and lately we notice a trend of random stacking shelf units. These are just so much fun. We wanted to share a few. Enjoy!

Next stop: Orlando and then on to Atlanta for the gift show. Email me if you will be there. Maybe we will have a chance to meet and compare notes. Stay display inspired!

Retail Details blog, Becky Tyre, Swirl Marketing~Becky

As always, thanks for spending a few minutes celebrating displays with the Retail Details blog. We invite you to submit images of your displays to be considered for inclusion the blog.  Becky Tyre also writes Display Inspirations articles for GIFT SHOP Magazine and welcomes display pictures submitted for print, as well. See contact info in the sidebar of this blog.

Retail Details: a few simple displays, some visual merchandising tips and lots of inspiration!

Autumn marks the transition from summer into winter in September in the Northern Hemisphere and in March in the Southern Hemisphere when the arrival of night becomes noticeably earlier. Since we have so many new international blog readers, we will continue to feature display ideas that can be adapted through the seasonal changes.  We’ll dedicate an upcoming October blog to Halloween and PINK breast cancer awareness displays. Meanwhile, visit the Retail Details blog Facebook page for bonus fall displays including pumpkins and pink!

A fence section at Ya-ya’s Creative Boutique provides the posts for displaying colorful scarves. This is also an idea that can be used for a two-sided display in a store window. Yaya’s follows a theme of  repurposed and upcycled works of art and features a variety of talented vendors. The creativity continues throughout their display areas at their shop in Fresno, CA.

Rolling pins mounted on curtain rod brackets are a clever, alternative way to display hand towels in the showroom of Peking Handicraft  at the Americasmart in Atlanta, GA.

A simple white stool provides height in the store window display at the Little Shop of Funkiness in London. It is non-distracting for the colorful Rice products and the fresh flowers are a nice touch. When shop windows are multi-paned, it is best to create simpler displays, as shown in this example.

Fall in America means football season. This display at The Pink Chalet in Orlando, FL, does a nice job of incorporating a team’s colors into a display with other non-collegiate merchandise. Round, tiered display tables are versatile and when they are glass, like this one, the product on the floor becomes a cohesive component of the display.

Recently, Kate’s Paperie on Broome Street in Soho, New York City had a grand opening event. I enjoyed following the progress of the new shop, as they posted pictures in a Facebook album. I especially liked the wall of wrapping paper sheets with these beautiful flowers hung above. You can see more of their lovely displays on their Facebook page.

For those who have inquired about a store display contest this year, it’s in the works. The announcement will come soon and it’s going to be bigger and better than ever!

Stay display inspired!

Retail Details blog, Becky Tyre, Swirl Marketing~Becky

“Chalk” one up to spring fever

Winter is hardly behind us, but the delivery boxes are full of spring merchandise. It’s time to pack away the snowflakes, valentine hearts and mardi gras beads and dig out the flowers, shamrocks and colored eggs.  Retail Details BlogIf you want to have some fun, plan a Dr. Seuss window to celebrate his birthday in early March. It’s all about the props. I enjoy finding fun and economical props. If you have ideas for displays and need props, send me a message. It’s likely that I have sources that I’ll be happy to share. 
Sabella Couture, Boston MA, Retail Details blog

Sabella Couture - Boston, MA

Paper lanterns are a popular prop. They are inexpensive and easy to work with. They come in various shapes and colors for all seasons. They collapse for easy storage and are simple in shape, so they do not distract from your merchandise. Pictured here, Sabella Couture, in Boston, combines paper lanterns with oversized flowers to create this wedding window. Once the window catches your eye, you look closer to see the detail of the long-stemmed flowers gracing the skirt of a wire form.  Lovely.  

Bits And Pieces Boutique, in Carytown-Richmond, Virginia, uses floral
Bits and Pieces Boutique - Retail Details blog

Bits and Pieces Boutique - Carytown/Richmond, VA

bouquets as mannequin heads. They use the silver torso forms that actually have arms like a mannequin, yet no heads or legs, making them much easier to work with. They take up less space, as well. 

Frocks Boutique, Addison TX, Retail Details blog

Frocks Boutique - Addison, TX

I was unsure whether this was a headboard or a fence part, so Ashley from Frocks Boutique in Addison, TX, clarified for me. It’s part of fence. The fence is visible from outside too, making it a dual display. Two-sided displays can be tricky. Have you shopped at home improvement stores for displays?  

Inspiration boards may serve several purposes. Used as a bulletin board, staff and customers can see fashion trends and current

Crush Boutique - Retail Details blog

Crush Boutique

merchandise in magazine features and ad copy. They can provide ideas about how to put outfits together and also stress the fact that your products are “in style”. In a previous blog post, we discussed the impact of celebrity sightings and their possible impact on your customer. Yes, you are giving up valuable wall space to hang an inspiration board, but it serves as advertising  if you do as Crush Boutique of Boston does, and show press clippings of your store in print.  

Revolution Shop, Charlotte NC, Retail Details blog

Revolution Shop - Charlotte, NC

Revolution Shop in Charlotte NC, created a cork-board display wall that combines product pictures and actual merchandise creating a trend wall, of sorts.

Another example is to use a chalkboard to get your point across. Retail Details blog, Swirl Marketing

Speaking of chalkboards… what a great display tool these removable chalkboard stickers can be. They come in many laser cut Retail Details blogshapes like a TV, a drum set and a rocket, as well as a traditional framed version and the dress-maker’s form, as shown here. Retail Details blogThere are lots of display possibilities for these.

Bundle, NYC, Retail Details blog

Bundle - New York, NY

Bundle Children’s Store in New York City had chalkboards built into their cashwrap desk, a frequently overlooked selling space.

I have received much feedback about two recent blog topics – denim display dilemmas and unique display hooks. Here are some follow-up pictures from

Mint Julep, NYC, Retail Details blog

Mint Julep - New York, NY

 prior blog display discussions. Mint Julep in New York displays jeans on single display hooks with additional stock neatly stacked on shelves, off to one side.

Flavour Clothing, Nashville, Retail Details blog

Flavour Cothing - Nashville, TN

Flavour Clothing of Nashville and Thread Boutique use the alphabet letter hooks to feature belts Retail Details blogand jewelry in their stores.

 I’m preparing to attend the ASD Gift Show in Las Vegas, where I will be looking for display ideas and talking to vendors about display ideas and materials for retailers.  Send your display ideas, pictures and requests to the Retail Details blog, 
You can also join the discussion on the Retail Details Facebook Page,  
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