Pallets and puppies, San Diego store displays

In addition to near perfect weather, the San Diego area is brimming with creative displays and independent retail stores. Enjoy a few from our September visit.

Seeing spots at Muttropolis  in the Cedros Avenue Design District of Solana Beach, CA. With 50+ shops in a 3 block area, we had quite a beginning to our San Diego retail tour. Our favorite display of the day was this polka-dot tub full of pet supplies.

Plush pet toys fill a garden fountain. Likely made of cement, this heavy-duty fixture makes a great display.

Glass jars cover an entire display table, also at Muttropolis.

Filled with treats and chewies, we love how they are labeled in white marker and the versatility of the jars as display units.

On a different day we toured Fern Street in the South Park area of San Diego.

Retail details blog display ideas visual merchandising graffiti beach san diegoWe first discovered South Park when someone suggested a new shop called Graffiti Beach. We had a sneak peek of some of the displays on Facebook, but we hope these pictures we took today do the displays justice.

Though pallets are definitely the theme for the fixtures at Graffiti Beach, we found some interesting and functional props that worked well with the unique nature of the merchandise. For instance, this fan for a sunglasses display.

In the fan picture, you can see the shelf lined with book pages and they continued this theme into the wall shelves and even on the display hanger.

A book that is a piece of art in itself, makes a great display prop for handmade headbands and jewelry.

We took over 200 pictures on this trip, but it’s time to head back to Florida’s heat and humidity. Will share more soon. As always, thanks and STAY DISPLAY INSPIRED!

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Getting in the swing of spring store displays

Stay display inspired! The Retail Details blog is a visual merchandising blog all about store displays and fixtures. We feature inspiring retail displays from around the world. Check the ABOUT tab to find out how to submit your store displays to be considered for blog inclusion.

store display ideas, visual merchandising, retail details blog,At Retail Details we LOVE window display competitions. Becky frequently judges display contests and consults for retail stores and showrooms. This display is one of the winners from a competition sponsored by Skunkfunk. This window took second place and the store is Barabu’ in Madrid, Spain. Swings are a fun merchandising staple for spring and summer displays. The key to the success of this window is a single focus color, yellow.

Best Buddies Dog Boutique, St. Pete Beach, FL, Retail Details blog visual merchandisingBest Buddies Dog Boutique used a swing in their spring window in St. Pete Beach, FL. The swing hangs from a beautifully constructed window tree. The caninequins are looking out the window so realistically, you almost expect to see nose prints on the glass!

store display ideas, visual merchandising, retail details blog,Winter white is the neutral in this store window at Massimo Dutti in Paris, France. Once again, a single color is featured and this time it is the orange that is so popular this year. Pantone has named Tangerine Tango as the Color of the Year for 2012.

Kathleens Gallery, Tryon, NC, store display ideas, visual merchandising, retail details blog,Sometimes clients and friends post display idea requests on our facebook page. Silk, spring scarves were the latest display challenge from Kathleen’s Gallery in Tryon, NC. We suggested wine bottles with the scarves flowing out of them and this is what they did with it. Suspending the bottles in the air was a great interpretation of the idea and created an eye-catching window. This is what “Stay display inspired!” is all about!

Lamb & Flag, store display ideas, visual merchandising, retail details blog,Another frequent request is for creative denim display ideas, so here’s one of our favorite jeans displays from Lamb & Flag in Brea, CA.

Southern Sisters & The Paper Fairy, Grayson, GAT-shirts can be a real display challenge and Southern Sisters and The Paper Fairy found a solution with this fixture that shows the color and design choices in a prominent manner. The t-shirts are rolled and stocked beside each design in the shop in Grayson, GA.

Mercy Hospital Gift Shop in Springfield, MO, store display ideas, visual merchandising, retail details blog,The best display props are ones that can be used in multiple display scenarios. The Mercy Hospital Gift Shop in Springfield, MO uses a white lantern as a prop for tabletop displays. They filled it with flowers and fruit for two different colorful spring displays.

HomeArt, store display ideas, visual merchandising, retail details blogYou may have noticed quite a few pallets during the past year to accompany the repurposing trend in display props. This display utilizes grove baskets to hold merchandise in the HomArt showroom at AmericasMart in Atlanta, GA.

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Fall store displays, trends & techniques

Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile. ~William Cullen Bryant

As the orange transitions to gold, store displays are full of warm hues this time of year. A Day In The Country in Hendersonville, NC, mixes bronze and gold for a beautifully coordinated fall display. Bronze is very popular in home decor and fashion accessories. I expect to see it mixed with other metals in elegant Christmas displays later this year. Notice how seamlessly the metal chair is integrated into this display.

Don’t you love the bike in this fall display at French Cuff Consignment in Sacramento, CA? It has several nice compartments for displaying products. If you look closely you can see how well it is positioned among the other two display pieces without blocking the apparel display.

Sometimes, it’s all in the details. A ladder display provides height in this fall display at Dedrick’s Pharmacy and Giftsin New Paltz, NY. The display also exhibits an effective use of layering the products on the table by staggering the height of the lifts for the plate displays. The colors and patterns are arranged perfectly with just a small pop of yellow to draw customers in. This is a wonderful example of effective visual merchandising.

I notice a trend at A. Dodsons in Suffolk, VA. They love to use unusual coverings for walls and other display surfaces. Last year, they had a wall of corks and a fireplace covered entirely in candy. This year they have defined their pet area by creating a wall design comprised of dog bones. Unexpected twists are a great way to draw attention to an area of your store. If you create interesting, unique displays on a regular basis, your customers will come in looking for that next clever example. Inspire your customers with your displays.

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Displayvorites: staff picks, store displays

We love visual merchandising! Retail Details blog reviews hundreds of store display pictures every week. In this bonus blog post we share a few favorites.

Chelsea’s pick:

This is one of Chelsea’s favorite displays at the Baglady Boutique in Springfield, MO. The bed is an old twin bed, painted a beautiful shade of brick red. They change the bed and accessories to match the season or to showcase new bedding designs. Additional quilts are hung on the wall in a way that encourages customers to touch them and to see the reverse sides. Accessories are displayed on the bed and numerous rugs peek out from beneath. 

Chelsea Redfern is an intern at The Retail Details blog and is a visual merchandising princess 😉

Becky’s pick:

There are no fashion faux paws in Naples, Florida, because the pampered pets are outfitted from Pucci & Catana Luxury Pet Boutique. Their pet beds, food dishes and water bowls are displayed in a white wall unit worthy of the designer handbags in surrounding stores in the upscale shopping area known as Fifth Avenue South.

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Stay display inspired!

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Becky Tyre is the owner of the Retail Details blog at and visual merchandising consultant, speaker and writer. Becky is also the Trends Editor for GIFT SHOP Magazine.