Holiday Shelf Appeal

Following up the Christmas Tree alternative post with a functional approach!


This is one of my favorite display finds this year and I cannot provide much history or insights into the display as the creator or photographer is from the Netherlands. He or she is known online as Christmasaholic and that is all that I know.

The concept is so simple and the execution is superb. This is a beautiful example of the use of multiples for impact. The shelf-supporting pegs and shelves are in the same color family as the chest that serves as the base for the tree. This monochromatic approach has a modern rustic vibe, especially with the choice of wall color. This display would be ideal for a store that does not stock much holiday merchandise.

Other applications and versions:

  • Use traditional Christmas colors for a more festive or whimsical version.
  • Outline the tree with garland down the sides of each shelf.
  • If the pegs are reposition-able, play with configurations for other shapes that would extend beyond the holidays.
  • Create a smaller version with a dress bust form or top-half mannequin on top of it and the shelves become a skirt. What to display on skirt shelves?
  • Inverted, it could be a jumbo martini glass to display glassware or mixology-themed products or candles.

I’d love to hear your ideas inspired by this display, so leave a message in the comments section. Have you used something like this in your store?

Stay display inspired!

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Store display ideas and visual merchandising solutions

Looking for display ideas for the holidays?

Snowmen make cute store window props. Accessorized accordingly, they can even be left up after Christmas. Make your own snowmen out of anything round that can be altered and stacked in various sizes.  Image courtesy of Beehive Co-op.

Candelabras and candle sticks are ideal for featuring small round items, like ornaments during the holidays. This also makes a cute Easter display with eggs. I got this idea from French Nest, a lovely shop in Orlando, FL and also located inside one of our newer favorite stores, Adjectives Market in Altamonte Springs.

On our recent trip through NY, CT and MA, it was exciting to find many small towns that had at least 5 independent retailers to visit. One of the larger towns on our New England tour, New Canaan CT was having a chamber-of-commerce sponsored retail & restaurant event on the day we visited. Sadly, many of the retailers were not open after 7pm even though the event was scheduled until 9pm. However, we found several nice shops with displays worthy of notice.

Barely open a year, The Summer House is a lovely home decor store with furnishings, gifts and art. It is one of those stores where everything has a place and looks like it belongs there. You can imagine each item in your home — a tribute to good merchandising. A favorite display piece is the drum pictured above.

We fell in love with their long credenza display, too. Next door to The Summer House is a stationery and gift store, M Milestones. One of the busier stores on our stroll through town, M Milestones had a clever hanging cell phone display, but unfortunately the picture did not come out well.

One of the most frequent display topic requests are ideas for jewelry displays. While in New Canaan, we saw this bracelet display made from paint rollers at the upstairs shop, Caren Forbes. We have to admit that although we have created entire stores full of displays using items found in home improvement stores, it never occurred to us to use spare paint rollers for bracelet displays. Bravo, Caren Forbes!

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Holiday store display ideas 2011

In fashion, you hear about wardrobe staples or must-haves in your closet. In retail, there are a number of such visual merchandising essentials. I’d like to add red and white striped ANYTHING to the list. Case in point: this holiday display at Little Paper Lane in Mona Vale, Australia.

The red and white striped bowls fit nicely into this Christmas display, but can also be used for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, nautical displays and whimsical displays with a cartoon or circus theme. In the US, they would be brought out for 4th of July, Memorial Day and various other patriotic celebrations. Can you think of other versatile display staples?

Holiday gift idea windows for…

…girls (above) and for boys (below). Both pictures are from Fiddlesticks in San Francisco, CA, and are fun examples of December store windows without traditional holiday color schemes.

Music for your eyes!

My favorite part of this display are the music books used as place mats, but if you look closely you will see a number of unique display element examples. HiHo Home Market in Gardiner, NY has been featured in the blog before and we always look forward to what the HiHo elves come up with for the holidays!

Where do you get your display inspirations?

Many of the display ideas that I share on the blog and on the Retail Details blog facebook page, come from catalogs and websites of vendors. This charming display idea comes from the Kringle Candle Company. Staged for a photo shoot, a few simple props set the tone for a cozy display.

Bold shapes and letters catch the attention of the passersby at Roost in Salem, MA. Good lighting adds to the effectiveness of displays. I recommend checking your window lighting during the day and at night.

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Becky Tyre is a visual merchandising consultant and the owner of the Retail Details blog at . Becky is the Trends Editor at GIFT SHOP Magazine. You can also join Becky for discussions about trends in retail, products and displays as one of the contributors on the GIFT SHOP Magazine facebook page.

White Christmas: store display ideas

We have so many wonderful holiday displays to share again this year. If you want to submit your store displays to be considered for the blog, you can email your display pictures to

The FASHION DIVA TREE greets customers at Style in Waynesville, NC.

Are you enjoying the trend of White Christmas displays? This fabulous window display at CHANEL celebrates with a doilies motif. The dolls dressed in traditional CHANEL suits are a nice touch.

Another monochromatic display. This one uses various textures to create interest and adds drama to an all-white display.

Silver fits well with a white display theme that has a polar theme including some cute bears and a fabulous igloo prop.

A vintage Christmas at Feathernesters in Richmond, VA. The have some lovely displays in the shop and it’s rumored that you can enjoy a yummy brunch in the tea room, too!

Last, but not least are SWIRLS – one of our very FAVORITE THINGS at Retail Details (note the web address 😉 Becky has always been fond of swirls and continues to live up to her nickname as Swirl Girl!

Lots more display pictures to come, so stay tuned for many more and for bonus display ideas visit the Retail Details blog facebook page.

Stay display inspired!

Retail Details blog, Becky Tyre, Swirl Marketing~Becky

Becky Tyre is a visual merchandising consultant and the owner of the Retail Details blog at . Becky is also the Trends Editor at GIFT SHOP Magazine. You can join Becky for discussions about trends in retail, products and displays as one of the contributors on the GIFT SHOP Magazine facebook page.