A store display idea that’s sure to “catch” on.

Store window display HOW-TO: Retail Details blog. Approximate cost to create a similar display $100-$150.


What a Catch!

Pictured: Christian Louboutin shoes and accessories – What A Catch!

Supplies: At least 4 jumbo fishing hooks. The 3-pronged versions are called treble hooks and can be found for $20 and up. Colored rope to use as fishing line. Any rope will do, but ski rope comes in fun colors and costs about $24 for the amounts as shown in this picture.

Alternate idea #1: use dog leashes as the ropes since they already have a clasp on the end.

Alternate idea #2: use a small boat or dinghy as the floor of the display

Alternate idea#3: Suspend winter products above jumbo ice blocks. Additional props: igloo and icicles.

Alternate idea #4: suspend the hooked merchandise above a kiddie pool for a summer display of toys, beach towels, sunglasses, hats or flip flops. Additional props: beach balls and sand pails.

You are welcome to use the comments area of the blog to brainstorm more ideas regarding this display idea.

Stay display inspired!


Merchandising stories, showroom displays and a surprise inspiration to share

Visual merchandisers tell stories using merchandise, color, lighting and props, not words. Well, maybe a few words now and then.

The New Year’s window in Lancaster, PA, clearly states a resolution for 2012. My Aunt Debbie is an enchanting boutique featuring handcrafted fashion and accessories by independent, mostly-local designers. Inside you will find a collection of curious clothing and innovative accessories, with an emphasis on creative re-use. In other words— a story.

Sometimes the display story is a vignette compiled by gathering merchandise with a single theme and using props to fill the page.  At trade shows and showrooms, vendors group their products into collections. This Mud Pie display in the OneCoast showroom at Dallas Market Center, has a sealife theme with neutral colored merchandise. The visual team chose a lovely ocean blue for the anchor wall and added some seashells for effect.

More showroom displays:

Pallets started to show up at the summer shows last year, following an interior decor trend. At the NYIGF this week, several booths used pallets in their merchandising and this one stands out due to the juxtaposition of the handmade porcelain and stoneware from dbO Home against the rough wood of the pallets.

We love the Tokyo Bay area inside The Portico Collection showroom at the Dallas show earlier this month. View more Portico displays, click here. Several of their lines have amazing displays right now!

Back in New York, Sarah Oliver Handbags has a lovely booth at the New York International Gift Fair. By choosing a single accent color and some superb graphics, the temporary booth allows the merchandise to tell the story without shouting. The subtly color-blocked back wall anchors the space and the hinged side walls add dimension to the booth.

Bonus Inspiration Shots: Stay display inspired!

Megan Geckler uses flagging tape to create huge one-of-a-kind installations by hand. Thanks to Design Milk for turning us on to her. I’ll let her pictures speak for themselves and if they inspire a store window, we sure hope you will share a picture with the Retail Details blog. We’ll be happy to share it with our little world (a mere 4 million visitors last year).

Display. Sell. Repeat.

Retail Details blog, Becky Tyre, Swirl Marketing~Becky

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Retail Details Blog – Corrugated & Understated

Ebarrito, Retail Details blog, 4-29-10, store display

eBarrito - recycled cardboard display fixturing in Italy

eBARRITO is a green-thinking brand that specializes in bags and leather accessories. Its ecological integrity extends right through – even to how its sales outlets are built! Their displays are made from specially carved and shaped cardboard.  The eBarrito stores consist of modular, double-pressed cardboard walls equipped with wavy-style shelving – an  effect achieved with interlocking tubular sections. It’s a fresh new ethical style with a strong visual impact created by the designer Francesca Signori  for the Milan-based brand. Signori believes in “Giving people a small ‘!’ moment. We believe these small ‘!’ moments are what make our days so interesting. That’s why we want to reconstitute the everyday by collecting and reshaping them into something that’s easy to understand.”

ReInvent, Retail Details blog, 4-29-10, store displayLikely inspired by nature and the use of sustainable materials, these cardboard animal mounts are fun and I think they make great display pieces. I first saw these on the Facebook page of ReInvent Store, located in Auburn, Alabama. They certainly fit in with the tagline of the store: reuse. recycle. reinvent. I can see them spray painted to fit a store’s decor- using low VOC paint, of course.

Rue Lafayette, Retail Details blog, 4-29-10, store display

Rue Lafayette - Saint Louis, MO

Keeping with the “reusing” theme, Araceli of Rue Lafayette  in Saint Louis, MO, sent me these pictures of an old food case from her cafe. She repurposed it to display gifts and is now filled with French soaps made from flowers and fruit and soaps made from vegetables, called Salad Bar. The large, rounded glass, full-visibility fronts of food cases make them an ideal alternative to traditional retail display cases.

New To You, Retail Details blog, 4-29-10, store display

New To You - Falls Church, VA

Consignment shops, resale stores and thrift shops have some unique display challenges. One of the main tasks is finding effective ways of displaying one-of-a-kind items, since they seldom have multiples to do groupings. For this reason, displays are frequently bonded by one color or a single style or using props for a theme. For displaying belts, I like using a display form. This one comes from New To You  in Falls Church, Virginia. It becomes a tidy belt display that far exceeds hanging multiple unmatching belts on a hook or tossing them into a basket.  For non-resale shops, add a SALE sign and it would make a great advertisement for an accessory sale. Pair it with another form showing jewelry, handbags or scarves and it makes an attractive accessory window.

Salt of the Earth, Retail Details blog, 4-29-10, store display

Salt of the Earth stores, Webster Groves & Saint Louis, MO

Never underestimate the impact of a display hook. That may be my favorite visual merchan-dising advice tidbit as I continue my obsession with hooks. How excited I was when I stumbled on this red branch, tiny bird hook as I was perusing the Facebook pictures of Salt of the Earth stores in Webster Groves and Saint Louis, Missouri. They feature gifts and home decor items by artisans from international “villages and cities”. I always enjoy their displays and get inspired for new display ideas from their product mix.

Previous blog follow-ups: The blog about bicycles used as display pieces was very popular earlier this month. Here are a few more pictures of bike display ideas. (Click here to view previous blog. It will not redirect you from this page. It opens in a new window).

Vintage Bliss, Swiss Flower and Gift Cottage, Retail Details blog, 4-29-10, store display

Vintage Bliss - Boerne, TX (left) and Swiss Flower & Gift Cottage - Wheat Ridge, CO (right)

These are from Vintage Bliss in downtown Boerne, Texas and the Swiss Flower and Gift Cottage in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. I also Retail Details blog, 4-29-10, store display received numerous responses about the clear plastic head form filled with shredded paper. Patty from San Diego sent me this picture of a similar one which appears to be decoupaged.

I’m still looking for examples of unique store signage – SALE, OPEN/CLOSED, STORE HOURS. Signage is an important part of your visual merchandising plan. Send your pics to:


Thanks for taking the time to read the Retail Details blog and I invite you to share it with your staff, friends and colleagues. Stay display inspired!

Retail Details blog, Becky Tyre, Swirl Marketing ~Becky

Store Displays for Belts, Bags & Baubles

I’m a big fan of the display hook. Slatwall hooks and S-hooks have their place in visual merchandising, but decorative hooks can make most  displays look richer. 

Nest Interiors - Nashville, TN

This week, I have a new favorite display hook. It’s a hand and I like it hung palm up, palm down and sideways – exactly as they use them at Nest Interiors in Nashville, Tennessee. Made of coated iron with a distressed patina finish, Nest uses these hands for a wall display of handbags. Also, spotted at Nest Interiors is an example of a product feature page. Framed and placed beside the products, the glossy page explains the craftsmanship and materials that make the product unique. This is similar to the prior blog discussion about showing magazine pages with your merchandise featured (from Retail Details 1-10-10 blog).

Sofia Vintage - Chicago, IL

Continuing with my hook obsession, Sofia Vintage in Chicago, Illinois combines utility with branding by using these alphabet letter hooks. They are the perfect size to draw attention without minimizing the merchandise – in this case, purses. Vintage purses are frequently objects of art and deserving of distinctive hooks.

Vases and clear glass containers are a

Salt of The Earth - St. Louis & Webster Groves, MO

versatile staple in a visual merchandiser’s prop collection. Pictured here, the containers almost disappear while featuring the jewelry in a very dimensional way. This display designer at Salt of the Earth in St. Louis and Webster Grove, MO., chose the perfect backdrop to enhance each color story. Compliment versus contrast works here.

Stella Boutique - Laguna Beach, CA

Stella Boutique in Laguna Beach, California, also uses a tall glass display vessel. This time it serves as a container for a normally untidy item to display – belts. I seldom see a unique belt display. Yes, that’s a challenge. I’ll await your emails with pics attached.

Thanks to all of you who have forwarded my blog to your friends and colleagues and joined the fan page on Facebook. Readership has more than doubled in the last month. You continue to send in worthy displays and I will share as many as the topics, space and time allow. Leave your comments below, including suggestions for future retail display blog topics, questions and merchandising challenges.