Halloween is hip to be square!

In the retail world, the changing of seasons is a really big deal in the US. In the fall, it means the marking down of anything “summery”, unless the store is located in a coastal area. While unpacking and pricing Christmas products, Labor Day comes and goes and retailers must decide how to merchandise for Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas at the same time! Retail_Details_blog_ABC_Simplicity_store_window_halloween_2015-1

Sometimes Halloween gets lost in the mix, but not at Simplicity ABC in Kirkland, Washington. The store windows are filled with fun!Retail_Details_blog_ABC_Simplicity_store_window_halloween_2015-4Big, bold, square Halloween icons are the feature of each window, with some spiders and ghosts strategically placed for good measure.Retail_Details_blog_ABC_Simplicity_store_window_halloween_2015-2Have you ever noticed that Jack-o-lanterns can be in any shape? The triangle eyes are the key. If you put triangle-shaped eye holes on a ghost sheet, you would expect to see a pumpkin when you pulled the sheet off, right?Retail_Details_blog_ABC_Simplicity_store_window_halloween_2015-3Paper plates as googly eyes on the mummy. Simple. Superb. Kudos, Simplicity ABC staff! Thanks for making us smile. And, extra thanks to our friends at Crystal Media for turning us on to these fun windows!

Happy Halloween, retail friends. It is no longer just about costumes and candy. It’s the second-biggest decorating holiday of the year — right behind Christmas. But ,don’t skip Thanksgiving, as those are some of our favorite displays to see!

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8 display ideas to merchandise any products

Use clever display ideas to present merchandise in intriguing ways. Sometimes displays are intended to catch a customer’s attention and others strive to draw them closer. Either way, visual merchandising is a tool to sell products and well planned displays sell LOTS more product. This post explores some ideas to inspire creative displays.

Visual merchandiser Marissa Wood uses jumbo foam core hands in a store window to bring attention to the textile display. The hands serve a dual purpose, as they also represent the touching of fabrics, emphasizing the textures and feel of the fabrics.

The designers at Lanvin created several installations of feather displays for the Paris store. Attached to the apparel and accessories, the attention to detail in feather placement is impressive.

An all-white window at Sam’s Shoes in Reedley, CA is the perfect backdrop for a series of colorful over-sized hanging shoe mobiles. Sandals and flip flops seem to float effortlessly in a display of summer fun.

It’s gift show season and retailers who attend the market centers know the value of noting display ideas in the showrooms. The rep groups and manufacturers pay us to come up with fun and functional ideas, so take advantage of this great resource of ideas.Onecoast  showrooms are known for their displays and last week in Dallas was no exception. I love the backdrop of this Mud Pie area and you may notice that the backdrop “screen” uses the shape from the Mud Pie logo. Brand emphasis is a positive bonus in any display. Note the use of the Mud Pie logo shape in this wall display, as well. Choosing background colors with the product in mind allows you to display several unrelated collections in a single cohesive display area.

Glass bottles, jugs and inverted bowls serve as jewelry displays at Hiho Home Market in Gardiner, NY. The glass props are intriguing, but not intrusive and do not distract from the jewelry on display. The old music book in the background is a lovely touch. I’ve visited Hiho Home Market and enjoyed peeking at all the wonderful display vignettes.

At Retail Details, we are always on the lookout for fun display shelves and lately we notice a trend of random stacking shelf units. These are just so much fun. We wanted to share a few. Enjoy!

Next stop: Orlando and then on to Atlanta for the gift show. Email me if you will be there. Maybe we will have a chance to meet and compare notes. Stay display inspired!

Retail Details blog, Becky Tyre, Swirl Marketing~Becky

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Fall store displays, trends & techniques

Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile. ~William Cullen Bryant

As the orange transitions to gold, store displays are full of warm hues this time of year. A Day In The Country in Hendersonville, NC, mixes bronze and gold for a beautifully coordinated fall display. Bronze is very popular in home decor and fashion accessories. I expect to see it mixed with other metals in elegant Christmas displays later this year. Notice how seamlessly the metal chair is integrated into this display.

Don’t you love the bike in this fall display at French Cuff Consignment in Sacramento, CA? It has several nice compartments for displaying products. If you look closely you can see how well it is positioned among the other two display pieces without blocking the apparel display.

Sometimes, it’s all in the details. A ladder display provides height in this fall display at Dedrick’s Pharmacy and Giftsin New Paltz, NY. The display also exhibits an effective use of layering the products on the table by staggering the height of the lifts for the plate displays. The colors and patterns are arranged perfectly with just a small pop of yellow to draw customers in. This is a wonderful example of effective visual merchandising.

I notice a trend at A. Dodsons in Suffolk, VA. They love to use unusual coverings for walls and other display surfaces. Last year, they had a wall of corks and a fireplace covered entirely in candy. This year they have defined their pet area by creating a wall design comprised of dog bones. Unexpected twists are a great way to draw attention to an area of your store. If you create interesting, unique displays on a regular basis, your customers will come in looking for that next clever example. Inspire your customers with your displays.

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Sugarplum Kids - Alpharetta & Duluth, GA

Sugarplum Kids - Alpharetta & Duluth, GA

As we start the busy Holiday retail season, I thought I’d feature a few especially nice displays. I’ll start with the cutest OPEN sign ever! Sugarplum Kids, with locations in Alpharetta and Duluth, Georgia sells designer clothing for babies and kids, but they chose a onesie to use as their OPEN sign. What a clever way to showcase their product. And, no, I didn’t ask them if it says CLOSED on the backside.

Swagger Gifts - Cary, NC

Swagger Gifts - Cary, NC

I like versatile displays and efficient usage of space, so I applaud the way Swagger Gifts, of Cary, North Carolina, stacked their tables for this Christmas display. Anytime you can build your display upward, it increases the merchandise per square foot ratio in your store. I am a big fan of tiered tables and these classic white, coordinated – but not matching – tables stack up nicely in this pretty shop.




Tracy b - New Haven, CT

Tracy b - New Haven, CT

Look closely and you will see that the hanging props in this store window are made from rolled up newspaper and joined with ornaments in the center to create decorative bursts. This winter wonderland window is at Tracy b  in New Haven, CT. I am sure that it could be made into a year-round concept by rolling up colorful pages from magazines and using spring flowers in the center.





 Chicky Bella in Chandler, Arizona, uses a glass dome pedestal pastry
Chicky Bella - Chandler, AZ

Chicky Bella - Chandler, AZ

plate to feature a couple of hats.

Love it!

Enough said.





Shoefly and Sox - Ukiah, CA

Shoefly and Sox - Ukiah, CA

This next display is a shoe table at Shoefly and Sox in Ukiah, CA. It’s a great layout with just the right amount of display props. Suitcases are one of my favorite props for most any type of store. I will be featuring more suitcase display ideas in upcoming blogs, but I think this one is especially nice.

Salutations Home - Pasadena, CA

Salutations Home - Pasadena, CA

I hope that your stores are busy for the holidays and that you also find some time for family and friends. When you do, I hope you sit at a table as lovely as this one displayed at Salutations Home in Pasadena, CA.

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