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Store display ideas and visual merchandising solutions

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

Looking for display ideas for the holidays?

Snowmen make cute store window props. Accessorized accordingly, they can even be left up after Christmas. Make your own snowmen out of anything round that can be altered and stacked in various sizes.  Image courtesy of Beehive Co-op.

Candelabras and candle sticks are ideal for featuring small round items, like ornaments during the holidays. This also makes a cute Easter display with eggs. I got this idea from French Nest, a lovely shop in Orlando, FL and also located inside one of our newer favorite stores, Adjectives Market in Altamonte Springs.

On our recent trip through NY, CT and MA, it was exciting to find many small towns that had at least 5 independent retailers to visit. One of the larger towns on our New England tour, New Canaan CT was having a chamber-of-commerce sponsored retail & restaurant event on the day we visited. Sadly, many of the retailers were not open after 7pm even though the event was scheduled until 9pm. However, we found several nice shops with displays worthy of notice.

Barely open a year, The Summer House is a lovely home decor store with furnishings, gifts and art. It is one of those stores where everything has a place and looks like it belongs there. You can imagine each item in your home — a tribute to good merchandising. A favorite display piece is the drum pictured above.

We fell in love with their long credenza display, too. Next door to The Summer House is a stationery and gift store, M Milestones. One of the busier stores on our stroll through town, M Milestones had a clever hanging cell phone display, but unfortunately the picture did not come out well.

One of the most frequent display topic requests are ideas for jewelry displays. While in New Canaan, we saw this bracelet display made from paint rollers at the upstairs shop, Caren Forbes. We have to admit that although we have created entire stores full of displays using items found in home improvement stores, it never occurred to us to use spare paint rollers for bracelet displays. Bravo, Caren Forbes!

As always, thanks for spending a few minutes celebrating displays with the Retail Details blog. We invite you to submit images of your displays to be considered for inclusion the blog.  See contact info in the sidebar of this blog. We hope you will visit the websites of our sponsors and contact us if you’d like to become a sponsor.

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8 display ideas to merchandise any products

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Use clever display ideas to present merchandise in intriguing ways. Sometimes displays are intended to catch a customer’s attention and others strive to draw them closer. Either way, visual merchandising is a tool to sell products and well planned displays sell LOTS more product. This post explores some ideas to inspire creative displays.

Visual merchandiser Marissa Wood uses jumbo foam core hands in a store window to bring attention to the textile display. The hands serve a dual purpose, as they also represent the touching of fabrics, emphasizing the textures and feel of the fabrics.

The designers at Lanvin created several installations of feather displays for the Paris store. Attached to the apparel and accessories, the attention to detail in feather placement is impressive.

An all-white window at Sam’s Shoes in Reedley, CA is the perfect backdrop for a series of colorful over-sized hanging shoe mobiles. Sandals and flip flops seem to float effortlessly in a display of summer fun.

It’s gift show season and retailers who attend the market centers know the value of noting display ideas in the showrooms. The rep groups and manufacturers pay us to come up with fun and functional ideas, so take advantage of this great resource of ideas.Onecoast  showrooms are known for their displays and last week in Dallas was no exception. I love the backdrop of this Mud Pie area and you may notice that the backdrop “screen” uses the shape from the Mud Pie logo. Brand emphasis is a positive bonus in any display. Note the use of the Mud Pie logo shape in this wall display, as well. Choosing background colors with the product in mind allows you to display several unrelated collections in a single cohesive display area.

Glass bottles, jugs and inverted bowls serve as jewelry displays at Hiho Home Market in Gardiner, NY. The glass props are intriguing, but not intrusive and do not distract from the jewelry on display. The old music book in the background is a lovely touch. I’ve visited Hiho Home Market and enjoyed peeking at all the wonderful display vignettes.

At Retail Details, we are always on the lookout for fun display shelves and lately we notice a trend of random stacking shelf units. These are just so much fun. We wanted to share a few. Enjoy!

Next stop: Orlando and then on to Atlanta for the gift show. Email me if you will be there. Maybe we will have a chance to meet and compare notes. Stay display inspired!

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As always, thanks for spending a few minutes celebrating displays with the Retail Details blog. We invite you to submit images of your displays to be considered for inclusion the blog.  Becky Tyre also writes Display Inspirations articles for GIFT SHOP Magazine and welcomes display pictures submitted for print, as well. See contact info in the sidebar of this blog.

Picnic Table Store Displays and Fun Fixtures

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Picnic tables may be the perfect display prop. Stackable, sturdy and ideal for creating height in a store display.

Retail Details Blog June 2012 The Garden Room 1

Place one of the benches on top of the table to create a shelf like this display at The Garden Room in Gig Harbour, WA. The second bench becomes a lower shelf angled for visual interest. Below is another of their picnic table displays. In this one they added a park bench for even more height in a patriotic summer display.

Retail Details Blog June 2012 The Garden Room 2

Retail Details blog June Bolick and Traditions PotteryGroup single colored merchandise for impact. This group of red pottery is at Bolick and Traditions Pottery in Blowing Rock, NC.

Retail Details blog June 2012 Radish Underground FB window by Gina Johnson MorrisOur store window of the week is from Radish Underground in Portland, OR. The window credit goes to Gina Johnson Morris. Nice job Gina! The swimming mannequin is clever and fun.

You know we love alternative displays at Retail Details. A wall-mounted headboard makes a great belt display at River Trail Mercantile in Advance, NC.

Retail Details blog June 2012 Uptown Country Home FB door cashwrapWe are always on the lookout for unique cash wraps and checkout counters and we found this one at Uptown Country Home in Dallas, TX. It is made from doors — two half doors form the base and another for the countertop.

Retail Details staff was on the road again and this time we visited Winter Park FL, where we found these wonderful custom fixtures at Stella Luca Salon and Boutique in Hannibal Square. We call this trend Industrial Chic.

Retail Details Blog June 2012 Stella Luca 1

Retail Details Blog June 2012 Stella Luca 2

Retail Details Blog June 2012 DevanesAlmost directly across the street is a lovely shop, DeVanes. We could not resist snapping this picture of the inviting entryway.

We are gearing up for all the summer gift shows and apparel markets. Watch for great ideas that we will share from the showrooms at the marts. Becky is available for visual merchandising trend consultation tours during markets and currently has several openings during the gift show at AmericasMart in Atlanta, mid-July.

As always, thanks for spending a few minutes celebrating displays with the Retail Details blog. We invite you to submit images of your displays to be considered for inclusion the blog.  Becky also writes Display Inspirations articles for GIFT SHOP Magazine and welcomes display pictures submitted for print, as well. See contact info in the sidebar of this blog.

Stay display inspired — DISPLAY. SELL. REPEAT!

Turn right on Spring Street and proceed 7 West

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

What do showroom displays and trade show booths have in common with retail store windows? They each have just a few short moments to catch a buyers attention.

Retail Details Blog Store Displays Spring Street Jewelry at Accessories Show April May 2012 Visual MerchandisingSpring Street Jewelry uses angular bright white tables and cubes with a single accent color in the booth at The Accessories Show. A single pop of color, subtly anchors the displays of precisely placed merchandise. When choosing the pop color, either use a color that is prominent in the collection or a color on the opposite side of the color wheel. Tips for using cubes for display units: stack them to create shelves or stagger them allowing the “spaces” to become additional cubes. If you purchase cubes in varying sizes, they can nest inside each other for travel or storage. Various sizes also stack easily into a pyramid shape display. BIG HINT for traveling displays: purchase or build cubes that slide into each other. Turn the interior cube into a drawer and store merchandise or supplies inside.

Retail Details Blog Store Displays Final Touches Redesign Real Deals April May 2012 Visual MerchandisingThere is nothing not to love about this spring display at Real Deals Home Decor in Granville, OH. It is a terrific example of well-placed merchandise, color patterning, thoughtful groupings and is a superior representation of how to create height in a focal display. Created by Beth Batke of Final Touches Redesign, this image is going into the Retail Details presentation file, so my display clients may see it as an example soon.

Problem solver: Structural Columns

Retail Details Blog Store Displays Fresh Store NYC April May 2012 Visual Merchandising

If your retail space has columns that cannot be removed due to weight-bearing reasons (or just because you love their charm), consider turning a column into a selling space.  At Fresh Store in New York City architectural interest added to the top and bottom allow for round retail shelves in the sell area. Most columns or posts are covered to appear much larger than they need to be. Ask your designer or architect if you could create some retail selling space and visual interest by stripping your columns down to the bare minimum diameter as a starting point.

Retail Details Blog Store Displays 7 west showroom NY April May 2012 Visual MerchandisingDuring the Tabletop show at 7 W New York,  Bess Wyrick, owner of Celadon & Celery transformed the lobby into a bright lemonade stand. Representing a theme of pop-up-shops, this idea could be modified for a store window or in-store display. Beyond spring, this could become a birthday party window (add balloons escaping from the mailboxes) a Halloween display (think candy and bats) and bring the mailboxes out again for the holidays to fill them with Christmas cards.

As always, thanks for reading the Retail Details blog and I hope you are inspired to create some fun displays in your shop! Join us on Facebook and you can read my Display Inspiration articles and trend reports in GIFT SHOP Magazine. Visit our Pinterest Page for lots more display pictures, but visit the blog often for ideas of how to modify the visual merchandising ideas for your store!

Stay display inspired!

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