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Fancy’s Southern Chic Decor & Display Ideas

Sunday, April 13th, 2014

Sometimes visual merchandising inspiration pops up when you least expect it. In a continuing effort to EAT & SHOP LOCAL, we stumbled on a gem in Ft. Myers, Florida. Fancy’s Southern Cafe’ is tucked away in the back of a shopping plaza and hardly looks “fancy” from the street, but once inside, I could not get my camera out fast enough to get some pictures!

Fancy's specials door retail details blog visual merchandising store display ideas retail design restaurant decor

The horizontal door suspended by ropes and  pulleys is clever, welcoming and great for daily specials and social media.

Fancys frame wall retail details blog visual merchandising store display ideas retail design restaurant decor

A feature wall greets you as you walk into the front dining area from the entrance and bar area. Old windows have loads of charm and work well in retail settings. Here’s the “before” picture that shows the layout of the frames:

fancys wall frames retail details blog visual merchandising store display ideas retail design restaurant decor

Around the corner is the wall with the restrooms. Problem: The restroom doors are too visible from the dining area. Solution: Hang some more doors from ropes and pulleys. Beautifully executed and problem solved!


Here’s what the doors are blocking and note the cabinet doors and drawer-fronts that cover the wall:


 Here’s what it looks like from the back dining area:

Fancy's hanging doors retail details blog visual merchandising store display ideas retail design restaurant decor

Note the detail on the ceiling and the mason jar chandelier in the main dining room:

Fancy's Chandelier retail details blog visual merchandising store display ideas retail design restaurant decor

And yes, we put the camera away and enjoyed a nice meal. I highly recommend the spicy cole slaw and the made-from-scratch mac & cheese! We are going back to enjoy the lovely bar area – will go early so we can get pics there – and for dessert which I hear is made daily, on site.

Fancy's Sign retail details blog visual merchandising store display ideas retail design restaurant decor

Note: Several areas were too busy for me to get good pictures, so I included some additional images on their Facebook page. All “before” pictures are from Fancy’s facebook page and website.

Stay display inspired! ~Becky

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Store displays – just a matter of time

Thursday, December 26th, 2013

The holidays are full of countdowns from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. One of the most common questions asked of the Retail Details visual merchandising staff is “What are some unique ideas for post-Christmas displays?”.  New Year’s celebration windows are fun but retail staff seldom has time for elaborate window changes at this time of year, especially because they will need to change soon for Valentine’s Day.

retail details blog watch display rolled newspaper

That’s why we like to do black and white windows for the New Year. It’s the simplest color palette to work with and it matches whatever merchandise you have to display — apparel, gifts or home décor. For an elaborate presentation, plan ahead and blow up some headlines to paper a window backdrop. Memorable, nostalgic headlines from years past are fun to work with. Add some big clocks, set at midnight if you want to play up the New Year’s theme. Want more color? Add silver and gold shiny props or use magazines instead of newspapers to create jewelry displays similar to the watch display pictured.

We’d love to see your ideas for New Year’s displays. Leave a comment below and link us to your website or social media pages.

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Stay display inspired!


Display Inspirations: Restaurant Version, LAH

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Do you ever return from vacation and you can’t stop thinking about something you ate at a fabulous restaurant? I feel that way about stores and restaurant décor.

Retail Details blog Lah Restaurant Madrid display inspirations plate wall2Earlier this year, we visited my daughter and her husband in Madrid and went to a beautifully designed restaurant, LAH, located next door to their apartment.

Retail Details blog Lah Restaurant Madrid display inspirationsLittle did I know that Lah would become so famous, covered in various architectural and retail design publications, so I found some images via google to add to my own and share as I know Retail Details readers love good retail design.

Retail Details blog Lah Restaurant Madrid display inspirations exteriorGlass on three sides, I could see right into the restaurant each night from my daughter’s apartment. I am still amazed at how late they eat in Madrid, with the first reservation usually around 9pm – and that’s for the early birds.

Retail Details blog restaurant design Lah Restaurant Madrid display inspirationsThe first thing to catch my eye was the feature table for large parties. Lit from within, the glass top creates an illusion of plates and glasses floating above an interesting configuration of chopsticks.

Retail Details blog Lah Restaurant Madrid 2013 display inspirationsThe choice of colors are perfectly welcoming with a mix of cool blues and warmer tones that create a hip, comfortable atmosphere that is upscale without being pretentious or posh. This was our table with a great view of the bustling street outside.

Here’s a wider view:

Retail Details blog Lah Restaurant Madrid display inspirations becky tyre

The lighting fixtures were delightful, but by far my favorite element of the décor was the wall of plates.

Retail Details blog Lah Restaurant Madrid display inspirations plate wall1Arranged in no certain color configuration, plates – some forward-facing and others backwards — covered the only major interior wall becoming a focal point that was textural, relevant and artistic.

I’m thrilled to have my kids back in the U.S. now, but I’m glad we visited Madrid while they were there. If you get a chance to visit Madrid, add LAH to your must-see list. Kudos to IlmioDesign for such a beautiful restaurant design!

Location: Calle Maria de Molina 50, Madrid, Spain

Retail Details blog Lah Madrid display inspirations

Stay display inspired!

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Visual merchandising with Pinterest offline

Sunday, July 7th, 2013

Pinterest may be third in the social media platform popularity contest, but it appears we may be seeing more red P’s than blue thumbs and blue birds in retail stores soon, as more retailers discover the value of pinned products and the power of the re-pin!

Nordstrom Pinterest Retail Details blogNordstrom Department Stores is using Pinterest analytics to determine the top pinned items and spotlight the products with tags and signage in 13 of the chain’s retail stores.


Social-savvy customers will recognize the round, red P logos on tags and clip-on signs attached to the products that are trending that week on Nordstrom’s Pinterest boards.

nordstrom pinterest retail details blogIn a retail environment where local, independent shops are challenged to compete with the marketing funds of major chains, social media helps to level the playing field. A Pinterest account is free and so are the analytics tools to track the re-pins and determine the most popular pins on your boards. Pinterest even provides users with the tools to print the logo signs and cards.

It’s easy to implement a similar program in your store. Assuming you already have a Pinterest account, you will need to download some logos and set up your Pinterest boards to track analytics.

Pinterest LogoYou can access the Pinterest logos and brand guidelines here:

Here’s how to set up your Pinterest boards to track analytics:

If you are not comfortable with “analytics”, you can easily review your pins and the number in the red box next to the “Pin it” button indicates how many times that image has been re-pinned.  Example: This pallet display image that I took at the HomArt showroom at Americasmart in Atlanta has been re-pinned 3 times today:


So, if you are using Pinterest to drive sales of in-store products, you may want to print a few signs and tags to leverage the popularity of the image-based social media network offline.

Nordstrom Pinterest Retail Details blogWe’d love to see the most-pinned signage and displays you come up with to add to the Retail Details Pinterest boards. See our ABOUT page for submission email addresses. We invite you to post your display images on Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #retaildetails to catch our attention, as well.

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Note: All images in this post are taken from Pinterest.