Romancing The Store – a few of my favorite store displays

Welcome to my retail Valentine.  I love my external hard drive. With so many pictures to store, a photo filing system is a must. I have folders for holidays, fixtures, store windows, hardware stores, gift shops, museum stores, trade shows, mannequins, jewelry displays, signage, vintage, galleries, home decor, etc. Then, there is the LOVE folder. I am sharing a few of the pictures from that folder. Enjoy.

Spoken Boutique opened in April 2010 in Saratoga Springs, NY. The store pictures immediately made it to my LOVE folder. It is well designed with an obvious attention to detail. The fitting room area is just lovely.

Spoken Boutique, Retail Details blog, Visual Merchandising, store displaysspoken boutique, retail details blog, visual merchandisingSpoken Boutique, Retail Details blog, Visual Merchandising, store displays

Why Not Boutique, Retail Details blog, Visual merchandising, store displays


Why Not Boutique in Tampa, FL, is a big city, small town boutique. They sell gifts, apparel and accessories. This bamboo baby clothes display quickly made it to my LOVE folder.

Wandering wardrobe, Retail Details blog, Visual merchandising, store displaysIsn’t this display hook just adorable? It is from The Wandering Wardrobe  in Springville, Utah. (Note to self: Find this purse in white for my daughter’s wedding).

Vivi G Shoes, Retail Details blog, Visual merchandising, store displaysThis is one of my favorite cashwraps. It is located in one of the Vivi G. Shoe stores in Pennsylvania and Florida. Also of note is the placement of the shelves, use of props and monochromatic color scheme in the store decor.

The use of color is what caught my eye in this display, but I like everything about this display at HiHo Home Market  in Gardiner, NY. Right click, save as, LOVE folder!

More Favorites:

Something Special, Retail Details blog, Visual merchandising, store displaysSomething Special in Vincennes, IN

Hemline Houston - Retail Details blogHemline  in Houston, TX.

Marissa Collection - Retail Details blog, visual merchandising blog, store displaysMarissa Collection in Naples, FL.

Magnolia Lane, Retail Details blog, visual merchandising, store displayMagnolia Lane in Henderson, NV.

I’m not sure where this display is from. Please use the comments to identify if you know, so I can give proper credit.

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Happy Valentine’s week. May your love folder overflow.

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Stay display inspired!

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