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A few of my favorite displays of late…

This concept is not exactly new, but it works so well as a children’s store! This image is from Piccino Kids Wear in Valencia, Spain. Retail Details will be in Madrid in January, but might plan a day-trip to Valencia just to see the rest of this store.

On our New England trip last month, we found a lovely small town with a great street full of independent boutiques. One of them was Toney Toni in Katonah, NY. This upscale apparel store has the most awesome fixtures. Custom made of copper pipes, they have wall fixtures with shelves and hooks and…

…even a copper pipe dress form. My pictures do not do it justice. The fixtures really make the store displays unique!

Even the jewelry displays continue the copper pipe theme.

Earlier in that trip, we found another small town with numerous indie stores to visit. One of our favorites was Peace Love and Chocolate  in Stockbridge, MA. By far the friendliest (and tastiest) store we found, they have much more than sweets.

They have an entire wall of display shelves with specialty gifts, teas and tea accessories. The bow-front shelves made a lovely wall.

The attention to detail made the displays look almost styled as though they were prepared for a catalog shoot, yet approachable. Well done!  The dark chocolate, caramels and petit fors we purchased were quite a treat, as well.

Another example of superb attention to detail in display is from Another Season in De Motte, IN. A basic shelf display unit features fall home decor merchandise. Note the effective placement of merchandise and props.

We love to hear from you and see your displays, so email us your images to share and visit us on facebook for lots more DISPLAY INSPIRATION. As always, thanks and stay display inspired!

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Store displays, creative fixtures and fun!

Visual merchandising is the activity and profession of creating three-dimensional displays in order to maximize sales and catch the attention of consumers. Good store displays mix the creativity of design with the science of sales. Unique store displays set a tone for the style of a store. Mix it up with fun or elegant themes and most of all, STAY DISPLAY INSPIRED! Retail Details blog: for your display inspiration pleasure…

retail details blog, store display ideas, visual merchandising blog, polished hands salonAltered tables become display shelves for an odd shaped, narrow wall at Polished Hands Salon in Taylorsville, NC. Painted in fun colors, the shelves create a whimsical wall. Alternative ideas: use dark wood piano benches for an elegant shoe display or use picnic benches mounted as shelves for a rugged men’s display or use butcher block tables for a housewares display.

The Retail Details staff visits hundreds of stores every year. Early March found us in Northeast Florida and we found ourselves in Jacksonville for the season-opener of the Riverside Arts Market. After a lovely lunch at the European Street Cafe, we strolled the Shoppes of Avondale.

store display ideas, visual merchandising, retail details blog, green man gourmetStop 1: Green Man Gourmet. Owners, Pete and David created an incredible retail environment to showcase spices, wines, olive oils and some amazing smoked salts. By mixing reclaimed woods with metal accents they created shelves along the walls and a large tasting station bar that serves as a focal point when you enter the store.

retail details blog, visual merchandising, store display ideas, green man gourmet

store display shelves, retail details, store displays, visual merchandising, green man gourmet

Fixture alert! The metal racks, curved to fit on the side of display barrels are perfect for displaying wine bottles.

store fixture ideas, visual merchandising, retail details blog, green man gourmet

hobbie horse, retail details blog, store displays, visual merchandisingThe Easter display windows at The Hobbie Horse make me miss my days in children’s retail. Fun and playful.

retail details blog, visual merchandising ideas, store displays, the hobbie horse

St. Augustine is the nation’s oldest city and boasts over 100 locally owned, independent, eclectic stores located along historic cobblestone streets. Many shops take advantage of the beautiful weather to expand their selling space to the charming front porches and courtyards.

store display ideas, retail blog, artifact, visual merchandising, retail detailsI stumbled on this cute little rolling fixture just outside Artifact. It is made from pipes mounted on a skateboard and is the perfect height for displaying tank tops. It would be SO CUTE in a kid’s display, as well. Artifact carries many locally produced items and organic apparel.

retail details blog, store display ideas, visual merchandising, retail blog, cottage gardenDon’t you just love the screen doors and red bike in this courtyard display at Cottage Garden in St Augustine?

As always, thanks for reading the Retail Details blog and I hope you are inspired to create some fun displays in your shop! Click on the about tab to locate the email to submit store photos for consideration for use in the blog. Also, join us on facebook at, see more display ideas on pinterest and you can read my display inspiration articles and trend reports in GIFT SHOP Magazine.

Display. Sell. Repeat.

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Heavy metal store displays: Retail Details

Custom fixtures. Rock on!

Steel rebar, custom welded for cd display racks. 

Stenciled, vinyl record albums double as retail signs to define the music genre areas.

Industrial tubes form the base of the cash wrap.

Custom curved counter for books, magazines and local music news.

From their website, “We’re an independent record shop and we’re independent minded. We love our home in Orlando and we want to share it with everyone, especially you! So come on by…” Park Avenue CDs. We accepted the invitation in August and wish the pictures could better capture the vibe of this great shop!

Park Ave CDs  is a member of  The Coalition of Independent Music Stores (CIMS). To locate an independent music store near you, see their website,

For those who have inquired about a store display contest this year, the announcement will come soon and it’s going to be exciting!

Stay display inspired!

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Becky Tyre is a visual merchandising consultant and the owner of the Retail Details blog at . Becky is also the Trends Editor at GIFT SHOP Magazine.

Retail Details: a few simple displays, some visual merchandising tips and lots of inspiration!

Autumn marks the transition from summer into winter in September in the Northern Hemisphere and in March in the Southern Hemisphere when the arrival of night becomes noticeably earlier. Since we have so many new international blog readers, we will continue to feature display ideas that can be adapted through the seasonal changes.  We’ll dedicate an upcoming October blog to Halloween and PINK breast cancer awareness displays. Meanwhile, visit the Retail Details blog Facebook page for bonus fall displays including pumpkins and pink!

A fence section at Ya-ya’s Creative Boutique provides the posts for displaying colorful scarves. This is also an idea that can be used for a two-sided display in a store window. Yaya’s follows a theme of  repurposed and upcycled works of art and features a variety of talented vendors. The creativity continues throughout their display areas at their shop in Fresno, CA.

Rolling pins mounted on curtain rod brackets are a clever, alternative way to display hand towels in the showroom of Peking Handicraft  at the Americasmart in Atlanta, GA.

A simple white stool provides height in the store window display at the Little Shop of Funkiness in London. It is non-distracting for the colorful Rice products and the fresh flowers are a nice touch. When shop windows are multi-paned, it is best to create simpler displays, as shown in this example.

Fall in America means football season. This display at The Pink Chalet in Orlando, FL, does a nice job of incorporating a team’s colors into a display with other non-collegiate merchandise. Round, tiered display tables are versatile and when they are glass, like this one, the product on the floor becomes a cohesive component of the display.

Recently, Kate’s Paperie on Broome Street in Soho, New York City had a grand opening event. I enjoyed following the progress of the new shop, as they posted pictures in a Facebook album. I especially liked the wall of wrapping paper sheets with these beautiful flowers hung above. You can see more of their lovely displays on their Facebook page.

For those who have inquired about a store display contest this year, it’s in the works. The announcement will come soon and it’s going to be bigger and better than ever!

Stay display inspired!

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