Merchandising Gifts in a Garden Center

As a retail store owner or visual merchandiser, can you imagine having unlimited access to seasonal fresh greenery and flowers to use in your displays? Retail Details staff visited Heritage Farm and Garden, marveling at the lovely merchandising of gifts and home decor at the store in Muttontown, NY.

Heritage Farm & Garden visual merchandising

Although we frequently see enticing displays in garden centers and floral stores, the use of effective visual merchandising techniques at Heritage Farm & Garden is especially notable. The image above represents a number of effectual display methods:

  • creating height through stacking on a tabletop
  • utilizing the floor space to feature merchandise
  • featuring various sizes and multiples of products for visual interest and to represent the assortment available
  • cross-merchandising to incorporate non-garden-related items, such as picture frames and candles

What’s your favorite element in these display examples? Leave us a comment.

Retail Details visual merchandising blog Heritage Farm & Garden

The entryway display is the first interior impression when shoppers enter a store. Customers who arrive at Heritage Farm & Garden to buy a shovel are immediately aware that this store has what they need and MUCH more!

The exterior is equally as charming:

Heritage Farm & Garden retail details visual merchandising blog

Heritage Farm & Garden on Long Island

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14 thoughts on “Merchandising Gifts in a Garden Center

    • Hello Melissa. Thanks for your comment. I agree! I bought birthday gifts and a wedding gift at Heritage Farm & Garden. I’ve started researching garden centers in addition to gift stores and boutiques to visit during our retail roadtrips.


    • Hello Indie Retail Michigan. Thanks for your kind words. I cannot take any credit for these displays – unless of course the merchandising staff is inspired by my blog or social media. If so, I am flattered and honored. The merchandising in this store was inspiring. I’ll be posting more pictures of this store on the Retail Details blog Facebook page later this week.

  1. I think the best part of the table display is how they used the floor space around the table. Is that a picnic table and they are using the bench for a lower table display?

    • Hello Heidi. I don’t think it’s a picnic table set. I wish I had looked closer when there. However, picnic table sets are idea for this configuration. Thanks for your comment.

    • Me too! I’d love to go back to visit in the spring, but it’s not likely. However, I’ll make a note to reach out to them for a followup post in the spring. Thanks for your comment, Chrystal.
      ~Becky Tyre

    • Hello Ayla. Send me your store name, location, social media and contact information and I’ll get your store –and town– on the radar for future retail road trips. Thanks!
      ~Becky Tyre

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