Visual Merchandising Tips: showroom inspirations and store display ideas

I’m reviewing display pictures for some visual merchandising projects for 2015. Three distinct themes are evident from the thousands of display examples we gathered during hundreds of store visits this year: nautical, monochromatic and texture. We will explore these themes in detail and share retail displays, but today’s post comes from a wholesale showroom during the Las Vegas Market at World Market Center.

RD-LOF-Vegas2014-6The Margot Elena companies and collections – which include Lollia Life, Love & Toast, Tokyo-Milk and Library of Flowers – were presented in a space so lovely we visited two days in a row to get more pictures.


RD-LOF-Vegas2014-5Our photographer thought these dip-dyed sling props suspended by thin ball chains were made from vertical window blinds, but in touching them, I don’t think so. However, I am planning to try this with blinds soon. Framing the display with the watercolors from the products’ packaging creates a cohesive presentation. I’m not usually a fan of such symmetrical displays, but in this case, it works!


RD-LOF-Vegas2014-3The simplicity of the unfinished wood fixtures and natural accents allow the products to speak for themselves. This is a lovely example of using multiples to enhance the visual merchandising story.


RD-LOF-Vegas2014-2The impact of color in displays: GOLD was the perfect choice! I can’t wait to try something like this in a nautical display. It is begging for a red, white & blue sailboat incarnation.


RD-LOF-Vegas2014-1Pattern play.

Nice job visual team. We can’t wait to see what you come up with for the next round of trade shows.

Stay display inspired! ~Becky






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