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I recently discovered a gem of a store with a fabulous window display. Restored collects and sells unique, hand made products, many of which are from talented young designers.

retail details blog store display ideas visual merchandising restored amsterdamThis summer, designer Renske Versluijs created a poetic world window using an old hanging sewing box, an unfolded record case and several small boxes, all painted white. Placing these relatively common items in unusual arrangements creates fabulous visual interest.

retail details blog store display ideas visual merchandising restored amsterdam netherlandsBy using all-white props, this is a great example of the single color strength technique in display. Worthy of a double-take, such visual merchandising catches the attention of passing traffic, whether on foot or vehicle. Up close, my favorite part is how the box lids become the display trays. Restored is in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Brown paper packages, tied up with string…

Need to get merchandise up and off the floor? Recycle some delivery boxes by covering them with kraft paper. It makes a great display base and does not distract from the merchandise. This display is from Ironstone Cottage in Tanunda, South Australia.

Announce a SALE with a dress form inside the door, in the store window or the entryway to a designated SALE area. This is a good example from Stella e Luna in Point Pleasant, NJ.

Did anyone else enjoy the BlaBla dolls booth during the Atlanta gift show at Americasmart  last month? My favorite part was the grey chalkboard paint on the walls. It was much softer and fresher than the usual black paint. 

The scrap wood tree appeared undesigned, giving it charm, especially with the addition of measuring sticks as short branches.

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Stay display inspired!

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