Facebook is not a verb & other store display ideas

Last week, on Facebook, I asked retailers if they have incorporated Twitter and Facebook into their store identities by using the logos in their store windows, displays or signs. For this blog post, I hoped to be able to tell you exactly where to get your official social media stickers, but that information is not easily located. You can readily locate the links to download their logos and read page after page of rules for the use of such logos. I learned that Facebook has a rule stating that you should not use Facebook as a verb. I find that entertaining, because most brands would be flattered to become a verb. Ask Velcro, Google, Xerox, Hoover and Hula Hoop.

Catching Fireflies created a store window to promote involvement with their social media campaigns. They used this display to invite customers to join the firefly party online with their savvy social media pages. They have two stores in Michigan; Berkley and Rochester.

Little Cherubs Clothing in the Torquay, UK appears to have an official cling in their window.

Jean Genie in Manchester, UK, uses interior chalkboard signage to direct customers to their social media pages.

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Display Backdrops

At their Brookhaven store in Georgia, Boogaloos  uses two beautiful old doors in the background of their store window display. This is a lovely example of back drops that add to the  interior store decor, as well. When possible, it is best to choose two-sided backdrops or display elements that allow for merchandise to be shown on both sides.

Ginger Boutique – located in Winter Park, FL and Bethesda, MD –  shows how a double-sided backdrop provides a background for the mannequins in the window without completely obstructing the view into the store.

Display Eye Candy:

This CUP OF TEA display is courtesy of Anthropologie, who are internationally-known for their creativity in visual merchandising. Retail Details blog is pleased that the Anthro visual teams enjoy our visual merchandising blog and appreciate all the nice comments and notes. You guys are truly display inspired and inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

Coincidence? I think not…

This display is the first in a series of store displays that I will be featuring using armoires, hutches and desks as store fixtures. A few weeks ago, I was doing some research for a magazine article and admiring some museum store displays. They have done a nice job of using all surfaces for display, including the doors and drawers. Also, you may notice the use of the colors and the arrangement of the yellow and blues to bring contrast – and interest – to the display.

The coincidence, you may ask? This display is from the Swedish American Museum  in Chicago, IL. As I type this blog post, my bags are packed to head to Sweden, as my daughter is getting married in Stockholm later this week. I have arranged to visit some retail stores there and I’m sure I’ll have lots of display pictures to share. Swedes are known for simple, but very creative displays and I hear they make great son-in-laws too!

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Stay display inspired!

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Becky Tyre is a Florida-based journalist, visual merchandising consultant and display designer. She writes about retail topics, blogging and visual merchandising for national and trade publications. She is the owner and writer of the Retail Details blog at SwirlMarketing.com Email: SwirlMarketing@comcast.net

Mother-Daughter shops and store display ideas

I’ve been using the tagline – Stay display inspired –  for a long time and I have never considered changing it. Letters like this are why:

This is the display mentioned in the letter. Thanks to Carolyne from Couture 360 in Lake Zurich, IL, for sharing this clever and effective display. I’m pleased that it directly resulted in increased gift card sales.

Celebrating Mother-Daughter owned shops

Lisa and Danielle Kupsc wanted to have a boutique that mothers and daughters could both shop in and find things that are age appropriate.  In 2009, they opened Flock, a whimsical neighborhood boutique in the historical district of Boston’s south end. Danielle, the daughter part of the duo, does most of the visual merchandising. They love working together and report that the buying process and going to trade shows is the area that they complement each other the most.

In October of 2010, Leah Papp and her mom opened a children’s consignment boutique in Martinsville, NJ. They decided to call their shop The Comeback Kid. Leah has a Fashion Design degree and her mom had been a business manager, so it’s no surprise that Leah handles most of the displays and signage while her mom keeps things on track through her organizational expertise.

“It’s my mom! She’s totally cool, hilarious and just a blast to be around”, claims Corey DeRoo, the daughter part of the mother-daughter team who have owned French Cuff Consignment boutiques since 2005. She goes on to tell me that her mom, Darcy McNie, is the far more creative of the team. Credit for their success goes to a combination of Corey’s business management knowledge and the fact that Darcy is 100% people person. They enjoy working with each other as they share similar work ethics and have the same vision for the direction of their business. All staff at both French Cuff shops share in the visual merchandising, which keeps every one’s creative juices flowing.

In March of 2008, Diane and Meghan Ludwig opened The Barkery Bistro because they wanted to have a fun place where pet owners could bring their four-leggeds for an outing, to have treats, select a toy, and learn about all natural dog and cat foods. Their love of animals, especially dogs, and  interest in nutrition led them to researching how, what and where they wanted to “open shop”. Their skill sets complement one another and they enjoy working side by side and learning from each other. Mom, Diane, had been a manager/buyer of a retail specialty store before graduating from law school and practicing law. Daughter, Meghan has a degree in Communications. If you visit their shop in Greenville, SC, chances are that you will be greeted by Bentley and Duncan, their two golden retrievers, pictured above, doing some product development 😉

Though the store is not open yet, Jessica Escalante is opening a women’s clothing and accessories boutique with her mother and aunt. They made the decision to start J. Luxe Boutique last November and immediately began a business plan, signed up for trade shows and started researching locations and product lines. Jessica always dreamed of owning a boutique.  These pictures are taken before they started to renovate the space and Jessica and her Aunt Alma are seen holding the key on the day their retail journey really started. I thought it might be fun to follow their efforts as the store takes shape between now and their planned opening in July 2011.

I hope you had a nice Mother’s Day. Here’s one last Mother’s Day display to share. It comes from Ellen at The Paper Shop in Winter Park, FL. Ellen has a beautiful shop with lovely gifts, paper goods and luxury linens. Lots of pretty things!

Stay display inspired!

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