Store display ideas and my new favorite shoe display fixture

I review hundreds of store displays every day. Many of them are noteworthy and I file them away for future blogs or magazine articles. Every once in a while, my jaw drops. Case in point: this OC pop-up shop shoe display in Hong Kong.

To kick off Spring 2011, Lane Crawford collaborated with US fashion retailer Opening Ceremony, bringing together two fashion forces in a creative partnership that unites the best of Hong Kong and New York.  In pop-up shops that opened April 14 and will last for four weeks, Opening Ceremony will offer a “conceptual retail extension” in the Lane Crawford stores in Hong Kong and Beijing. I just added this photo to my All Time Favorite Store Displays file.

I enjoy a clever play on words. Combine it with two of my favorite things – shoes and displays – and it will likely end up in the Retail Details blog! Leigh's Fashions, Retail Details blog, store display ideas, Patrick PlankThis peep toe shoe display was provided by Patrick Plank, the Creative Director at Leigh’s in Grand Rapids, MI.

In the past month, the Retail Details blog has been featuring floral displays to celebrate spring. I hope spring has arrived where you are. If you missed the last few blogs and want to see the use of flowers in visual merchandising, scroll down after this blog entry or click here and here to view the lovely, fragrant store displays.

From Peeps to bunnies, spring displays fill the store windows and display tables of gifts shops, candy stores, children’s shops, card stores and even grocery stores this time of year. 

Pacifier, The Rustic Door, Retail Details blog, store display ideas, visual merchandising

Pacifier (left) and The Rustic Door (right)

Pacifier is an urban baby and kids boutique in Minneapolis, MN. I appreciate how their display incorporated a young boy’s outfit, some books and bunnies in a nice tabletop display. On the right, the display at The Rustic Door in Mount Vernon, WA, uses Scrabble pieces to label their display of ceramic rabbit pieces.

Randoons, Retail Details blog, store display ideas, visual merchandising

Randoons in Winnetka, IL, created a springtime fairy tale store window using the wearables and whatnots for which the store is known.

Randoons, Retail Details blog, store display ideas

Randoons - Winnetka, IL

Retail Details blog, store display ideas, visual merchandising

Something Special Boutique (left) and Lisa Frost Studio (right)

Monogrammed cups define an Easter display at Something Special Boutique in Dothan, AL. Pictured on the right is a tablescape by Lisa Frost Studios. If you would like to “frost your world with creativity” and recreate the jellybean centerpiece, click here to view the video instructions.


Stay display inspired!

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About the Retail Details blog: The Retail Details is a blog about visual merchandising and features store displays, tips and ideas from around the world. The blog is written by Becky Tyre. Becky is a visual merchandising consultant and a prop shopper for The Display Lab. Becky also writes for print publications and you can read recent articles by her in Gift Shop Magazine and InStore Magazine, a publication of the Dallas Market Center. In her travels, Becky visits many shops and showrooms. If you would like to submit pictures for blog consideration, suggest that she visit your shop or speak to your group, you can email her at

5 thoughts on “Store display ideas and my new favorite shoe display fixture

  1. Beck,
    Thanks for your focus on the creativity of display. With all the blogs out there trying to “sell the product”, it’s refreshing to see someone giving props to the formula behind selling the product.
    Love your concept and your motto. We stay display inspired every day and with your help, I might add.

  2. I read your blog to get display ideas that don’t cost alot. I don’t really copy them, just use your ideas for inspiration. Well maybe I copied one or two LOL. I greatly like the budget display concepts but it’s exciting to see the really cool big-budget ones too like the skirted giant shoe display in this blog today.

    • For the blog, I can use low resolution pictures, as long as they are not too small in size. If you want to submit pictures for my magazine articles, I need at least 300 dpi and minimum 5 inch pictures. Our staff can crop and adjust pictures, so they do not need to be perfect shots.
      Hint #1: Turn off the date stamp on your camera when taking pictures of your store.
      Hint #2: To reduce the impact of glare in your store window display pictures, take the picture at a slight angle (from either side) and when the sun is not shining. Try taking store window pictures at night with the interior store & window lights on.
      Send as many pictures as you like. We keep them on file. We review pictures daily and we LOVE it! Thanks.
      Stay display inspired! ~Becky

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