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In the December 8 post, we announced the five finalists in the Retail Details New Year Store Display Contest, in case you missed the post – click here. In a few days, the five stores will receive an identical box of props to use in a display during the first week of 2011. I’ll let you know what the judges decide by January 15, 2011.

I’ve been saving this display to share once the weather was relevant.

 Retail Details blog, store displays, visual merchandising, Radish UndergroundI’m cold just looking at this winter scene at Radish Underground, an independent fashion boutique + art gallery in Portland, OR.  I appreciate the authenticity of the display and how it evokes an emotional response.

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A small step ladder serves as a display for pet collars at Textures Handmade Market in Tallahassee, FL.  The aged personality of the wood fits well in the shop were the products are unique, local and handmade.

Pictured below are two more pet collar displays. On the left is a small green rack meant to display earrings. In Coral Gables, FL, the Boutique at Listers Jewelers decided it would be ideal for pet collars and they fit perfectly. On the right, the collars are adjusted to fit around covered paint cans of different sizes at Gigi’s Hidden Treasures in Cartersville, GA. The cans also provide varying heights, which is always a good display technique.Retail Details blog, store displays, visual merchandising

Traditional bracelet displays frequently find other uses, like this headband display at Ellie Clothing in Auburn, AL (below, left).  A three-tiered, black velvet jewelry display ( below, right) exhibits one of my favorite alternative uses. La Jolie Rose in Grosse Point, MI, takes advantage of the display levels to show a metallic shoe and a few glitzy belts, perfect for this holiday time of year.Retail Details blog, store displays, visual merchandising, Ellie, La Jolie Rose

Retail Details blog, store displays, visual merchandising, Space 519

Clear glass vases feature bangle bracelets at Space 519, a refined general store located  in Chicago’s Miracle Mile. The vases create a very modern feel and give the jewelry a gallery feel. Space 519 is a general store that is anything but general!

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Waddle N Swaddle stores are located in Poughkeepsie and also in Rhinebeck, New York. Blankets are displayed on the wall, hung from the rungs of a vertically-mounted crib side. Appropriate for a mother and baby essentials boutique. I enjoyed visiting their lovely Rhinebeck shop on a chilly day this past October.

Retail Details blog, store displays, visual merchandising, Rock Flower PaperThis picture is from the New York International Gift Fair in the trade show booth of Rock Flower Paper. Worthy of note is their use of curtain wire and clips (likely from Ikea). The clips enable them to show the placemat, napkin and matching coasters together in a vertical way on the showroom area wall. These wires  are ideal for temporary shows as they are easy to transport (or even inexpensive enough to leave behind) and versatile for many uses.

Retail Details blog, store displays, visual merchandising, EloiseHere’s one last Christmas display. It’s from Eloise, a family-owned dress shop in Charlottesville, VA.  That’s quite a tree-topper or is it a tree skirt? 😉

Thanks for taking time to read the Retail Details blog. I hope you have been inspired by the displays featured in 2010.  I appreciate all your comments, your display picture submissions and your kind word-of-mouth recommendations that have resulted in my fun little blog being viewed millions of times.

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I will close with a simple idea for a New Year’s display. It’s from Jane, a concept store in Princeton, NJ, who reminds us to reuse, rethink, revitalize. Cheers to curling ribbon and Happy New Year!

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Stay display inspired and Happy Holidays!

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Retail Details New Year Store Display Contest Finalists Announcement

Since September, over 40 retail stores submitted pictures of their store displays for phase one of the Retail Details New Year Store Display Contest. Phase two starts right after Christmas. Congratulations to these five stores who have been chosen to participate:

The Miller House sells seasonal decor, hand-made furniture and home accessories in their single shop in the Shenandoah Valley area in Stephens, Virginia.

Peek… Aren’t You Curious sells children’s clothing in several shops in California, one in Scottsdale, Arizona and one in Dallas, Texas. They are known for using playground equipment as store fixtures.

HiHo Home Market  is a grand multi-level store with more than a dozen themed rooms filled with elaborate displays of home decor, old and new. Located in the Hudson Valley in Gardiner, New York.

Greetings From Geralyn opened in the summer of 2010. They sell cards, gourmet food, candy, gift wrap and scrapbooking supplies in a small shop in Asbury, New Jersey.

A Dodson’s is a destination shop in Suffolk, Virginia. They sell apparel, home furnishings and gifts that you may find unpredictable and quirky, as are their displays.

In a few weeks, each of the five finalist stores will receive an identical box of props to build a New Year’s display.  All displays will be judged on creativity, originality, product representation, and visual merchandising techniques. Finalists must use all provided props and may choose to add additional props when positioning and photographing their display design in either a store window or an in-store display. Judges will review the displays and the winners will be announced in mid-January. First prize is a $250 gift certificate from Gully’s Discount Store Fixtures. Second prize is a custom-designed store display from The Display Lab. Judges include experts in the areas of home decor, floral design, product development, and visual merchandising. Good luck and thanks to all who entered.

Special THANKS to the following sponsors, who are supplying prizes, props and advertising for the store display contest. Gully’s Discount Store Fixtures, The Display Lab, Midwest CBK, and Country Business Magazine.

Stay display inspired!

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