Store display ideas and Visual Merchandising trends

Bikes. Trikes. Full size or miniature – vintage or new – bicycles make great display props.

Crush Boutique bicycle display - Retail Details blog

Crush Boutique - Boston, MA

Inspiring a store revamp, this antiqued iron bicycle is quite a statement piece at the Beacon Hill area shop, Crush Boutique, in Boston, Mass. Shown here, sporting scarves, sweaters and shoes, a bicycle can fit in as a display piece in most any type of retail environment. One of my favorites was suspended from the ceiling in a men’s department (click here).

Wandering Wardrobe - Retail Details blog

The Wandering Wardrobe - Springville, UT

Trellis, arbors, planters and other such garden display elements serve nicely as spring store displays.  At the Wandering Wardrobe in Springville, Utah, they use a life-size metal bike prop, shown here in an outdoor display at their shop. These metal display pieces are two sided and usually have a basket area, ideal for holding products. They can be easily spray painted, as well.

Green Oaks Antiques - Retail Details blogI found several garden art display ideas where I found this trike at Green Oaks Antiques in Rochester, Indiana.

Seraphim Kids - Retail Details blogI don’t think this piece is from a garden department, but this baby bootie and headband display at Seraphim Kids in Troy, Alabama, reminds me of the tomato cages frequently used as Christmas tree displays. The wire is the perfect diameter for the small hooks. I’ve seen a similar piece as a displayer of men’s ties. It makes a full-round display and adds height to a countertop or table merchandising story.

Mixing old and new. 

Santoro and Co., Bridgeton, NJ, Retail Details blog

Santoro and Company - Bridgeton, NJ

Santoro & Co. in Bridgeton, NJ, merges antiques, gifts and home decor. Shown here, you can see how well they incorporate the popular Ugly Dolls as part of their merchandise mix. I especially like the doll that is hanging from the chandelier, watching over the “uglyverse”, which is a universe where ugly means unique and special. I wonder what kind of tea you serve at an Ugly Doll tea party.

Jewelry is frequently displayed in glass-front showcases with adjustable glass shelves, like the one shown below.  This can be challenging due to height limitations.

Poppy and Stella, Retail Details blog

Poppy and Stella - Baltimore, MD

Poppy and Stella in Baltimore, Maryland, creates visual interest by using picture frames and old books as anchors for the necklaces in their glass case. Clear acrylic and white earring stands balance the display without creating a cluttered look. More jewelry displays:

Instant Karma Boutique - Retail Details blog

Instant Karma Boutique - Cave Creek, Arizona

Instant Karma in Cave Creek, AZ, mixes metallics with wood in this jewelry display that sits atop a lovely old trunk.

Hands made of metal and wood are a recurring theme in jewelry displays of late. Shown here is a ring

Apple Tree Gifts, Retail Details blog

Apple Tree Gifts - Carbondale, IL

display from Apple Tree Gifts in Carbondale, IL and a wall hand-hook from the Pink Mascara Accessory Store in Halifax, NS.

Pink Mascara, Retail Details blog

Pink Mascara, Halifax, NS

Previous blog post shows my favorite hand hooks ever, click here.

Sometimes I stumble on clever ways that retailers have managed to feature hard-to-display items. Here are a few ideas to share:

Baglady Boutique, Retail Details blog

Baglady Boutique - Springfield, MO

The Baglady Boutique in Springfield, MO, uses smiley face balloons to display stretch cloth baby head bands.

I found this wetsuit cap display and I think it could be used for a  hat or head band display. It is simply a clear head form that is filled with shredded color magazine pages.

Retail Details blogChicky Bella in Chandler, Arizona, took a divider screen that would normally be used to show photos and filled each frame with paper or cloth and a vertical ribbon. The ribbon holds hair bows and the frames spin for two-sided display.

Chicky Bella, Chandler, Retail Details blog
Chicky Bella, Chandler, AZ

Upcoming blog topics: I’m looking for signage ideas to share. Send in your pictures of cute open/closed signs, store hours signs and I’d love to see how you designate a store sale or sale area. Here’s one to inspire…

SALE mannequin


Until next time, stay display inspired!

Retail Details blog, Becky Tyre, Swirl Marketing~Becky Tyre, Retail Details blog

13 thoughts on “Store display ideas and Visual Merchandising trends

  1. I’ve just spent the entire morning going through this page recharging my batteries. This page is awesome!!! i need some inspiration for mothers day, graduation windows. i think my brain unplugged & i was stuck in a rut. NOW I FEEL ALIVE AND CRE…ATIVE AGAIN! da-da-da-da-da-da CHARGE!!!! thank you so much!! 🙂

  2. I love vintage ítems, looks full of energy. I am currently reading 25 houses magazine UK and I became impressed about a victorian style kitchen, I know is nothing to do with displays but is amazing how that period brings up a lot of opportunities in creativity!

  3. I love this blog! My friend referred me to it and I must say it’s inspired me to think outside the box in reference to using everyday items as fixtures in my shop. Passed by a house while walking my dogs and saw an old door in the garbage – thought to myself, wow I should get that and paint it for a display piece!

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