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Branches and twigs are currently popular in interior home decorating and frequently you will see similar trends in store displays.  Working well with denim, these displays give an ecological feel to a retail environment.

Privilege Clothing

Privilege Clothing - Surrey & Port Moody, BC

I can’t think of any product other than jeans, that need to be displayed backwards to sell effectively. Whether folded, draped or hung, jeans can be one of the trickiest apparel items to merchandise. Privilege Clothing in British Columbia is an excellent example of how this is done using wall shelves.

Photo credit: Melissa Hom, New York Magazine

There’s nothing unusual about jeans being folded on a table. However, using the jeans as table runners makes this display at Seven For All Mankind in NYC, much more eye-catching. The initial purpose of any display is to get a customer’s attention. The use of color, repetition, horizontal and vertical components make this display worthy of a second look.

Other than on mannequins, I do not have many examples in my archives of how to display jeans in a store window. Suspending them, as shown here, works because they made them look like they are jumping.  I’m sure preparing this window was quite time consuming, since you can tell that they positioned each jean strategically and stuffed them realistically. I’ll assume they used the old visual merchandising staple – fish line – but they may have used thin wire to help stabilize the jeans.

Notice the frame in the display photo to the right. It is an advertisement, possibly from a magazine featuring the jeans that are being displayed. For some reason, customers like to see how the jeans look “on” someone else and perhaps they like to purchase items that are from a magazine. Throw in a celebrity sighting and they will probably fly off the shelves. All kidding aside, framing magazine pages showing your products can be a great merchandising tool.  You may also find suppliers or sales reps that can provide you with ad copy for their lines.

Photo credit: Kim Weling

S-hooks are used in this picture from Miss Sixty to feature the jeans that are folded on the surrounding shelves in this photo by Kim Weling. The combination of the hanging bar, vertical and horizontal shelves make for a pleasing jean wall. If you look closely, you will see that the shelves are lined with a patterned paper for added interest. Add in a silver brick wall and you have an A+ display in my book.

OK. I know I asked for it when I suggested that readers send in pictures of denim displays, but I didn’t expect anything quite like this artistic expression from England. It reminds me of a rubberband ball, so I wonder if they are stretch jeans 🙂 Thanks for providing me a laugh and no, they don’t make your butt look fat!


7 thoughts on “Denim Displays – The Retail Details

  1. Thanks for putting up this article! We’ve been struggling with good denim display technique for a while. I like the branch idea…I may just have to go search around my backyard for a good tree to dismember now…

    • Thanks, Natalie. This “denim” blog has generated the most emails of any of my blogs, thus far. Apparently, many shop owners and visual merchandisers struggle with the jeans dilemma. I almost hate to post the next blog and bump this one down. Bevello is such a nice store. I’m glad to have your input!
      Retail Details Blog

  2. Thanks, Natalie. Please send me a picture if you use the branch idea. I love to see – and share – follow-ups. The blogs purpose is to inspire ideas and share unique and effective displays. I’m so glad to hear that it is proving to be a useful source! ~Becky

  3. HI Rebecca. I am always looking for new creative ways to display my merchandise. I already have some new ideas in mind to change it up for spring. Ill be on here often. Ill share some pix of my displays on your site too. Great blog!

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