Retail Roadtrip Recap part 1

Happy New Year! Between Facebook, Instagram and the blog, I share images from the stores we visit each year, but this past year was so busy that I seem to have an especially large cache of visual merchandising pictures, so I’ll spend the next few blog posts sharing some of my favorites.

Red Rooster Boerne Retail Details visual merchandising Becky Tyre

Red Rooster Boerne, Texas

What a pleasant surprise! I knew Boerne had enough independent stores to warrant a day trip during our Texas retail road trip, but I could have spent several days in this charming town. I had followed Red Rooster for quite a while on social media and the merchandising was just as lovely as in their posts. I wish I could have returned in November to see the store transformed into a holiday wonderland. (Check out their FB page and IG feed to see what I mean.)

Woodstock, Vermont:

Vermont Flannel Woodstock visual merchandising retail details Becky Tyre

Vermont Flannel in Woodstock, VT

A family trip to Vermont in October was a treat beyond words. The fall foliage was spectacular and we stayed a few extra days to “work” and visited stores in Burlington, Stowe, Windsor, Quechee, Waterbury and Woodstock. Loran (the official Retail Details photographer) and I took over 1000 pictures between us. One of his favorite stores was The Vermont Flannel Co. 


Retail Details visual merchandising retail road trip Becky Tyre

Busy Bee in Live Oak, Florida

Most of our retail road trips begin on a plane, but I decided to explore my home state of Florida a bit more in 2017. I forgot how long it takes to drive the length of Florida as we headed towards some beach towns in the panhandle. On the way, a friend suggested I check out the Busy Bee truck stop in Live Oak and I was impressed with the variety and selection of gifts and souvenirs in their flagship store. I heard it was cited best truck stop in the USA, but after visiting Bucees in Texas a few months later, I think they may have some competition for that distinction.

Inlet Beach, Florida:

Outpost Inlet Beach Seaside 30A retail details roadtrip visual merchandising Becky Tyre

Outpost in Inlet Beach, Florida

One of the first stops in the FL Panhandle was a new plaza on 30A in Inlet Beach to visit Mingle, a new store I discovered on Instagram. I reached out in advance to owner, Rebecca for suggestions of other local shops worthy of a peek. (Small business owners are so generous to share suggestions for our trips!) She suggested Outpost, a lovely shop just across the way from hers. A lovely mix of home decor, gifts and apparel, the owners designed the shop to perfectly capture a seaside sophistication vibe. Note: Yes, we made it to Mingle and I’ll share pics from there soon.

Margaretville, New York:

Home Goods of Margaretville NY retail road trip visual merchandising retail details

Home Goods of Margaretville, NY

A final image for this post is actually a repeat retail visit. I had been to Home Goods of Margaretville right after Christmas in 2016, so I was curious to see how different the stores in the Catskills are during the summer wedding season versus winter ski season. The local specialty food items were a favorite on this trip!

That’s all for now, but I’ll share more soon. Meanwhile, follow along on Instagram and Facebook and if you are attending Dallas Market Center or NY NOW for winter gift shows, check out my seminars and panels.

Stay display inspired! ~Becky Tyre



Merchandising Gifts in a Garden Center

As a retail store owner or visual merchandiser, can you imagine having unlimited access to seasonal fresh greenery and flowers to use in your displays? Retail Details staff visited Heritage Farm and Garden, marveling at the lovely merchandising of gifts and home decor at the store in Muttontown, NY.

Heritage Farm & Garden visual merchandising

Although we frequently see enticing displays in garden centers and floral stores, the use of effective visual merchandising techniques at Heritage Farm & Garden is especially notable. The image above represents a number of effectual display methods:

  • creating height through stacking on a tabletop
  • utilizing the floor space to feature merchandise
  • featuring various sizes and multiples of products for visual interest and to represent the assortment available
  • cross-merchandising to incorporate non-garden-related items, such as picture frames and candles

What’s your favorite element in these display examples? Leave us a comment.

Retail Details visual merchandising blog Heritage Farm & Garden

The entryway display is the first interior impression when shoppers enter a store. Customers who arrive at Heritage Farm & Garden to buy a shovel are immediately aware that this store has what they need and MUCH more!

The exterior is equally as charming:

Heritage Farm & Garden retail details visual merchandising blog

Heritage Farm & Garden on Long Island

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Stay Display Inspired!

Display ideas from AmericasMart

Retailers: I hope you take notes when you see interesting display ideas at trade shows. I know you are focused on the search for unique products to sell in your stores, but the same merchandising that attracted you to the booth or showroom may be ideal for displaying the products in your shop. Part one features display inspirations from my recent trip to AmericasMart in Atlanta:

I love a good story — visual and otherwise — so a “cause map” always catches my eye.

Sips Drinkware booth at AmericasMart

Sips Drinkware booth at AmericasMart

In Uganda alone, over 8 million people lack access to safe water, equivalent to the population of New York City. SIPS is out to change that by delivering a clean, sustainable sip that promotes access to potable water for communities in Uganda. With every purchase, buyers are helping them drill a well for a village in need.

Candle wick spools as display lifts

Candle wick spools as display lifts

Candle wick spools and small pots of greenery create a natural feel to the visual merchandising in the SIPS wholesale booth. The continuity of color theme, as shown throughout the booth, translates well to a retail environment by defining an area. Note the use of “multiples” in the props as it creates visual interest and impact.

Hint: You could use inexpensive spools of twine to create a similar effect. They come in many sizes and colors.

TIP: Ask vendors if their images are available for promotional use.

Sips Drinkware graphics

At times, vendors have marketing materials available for retailers to use in-store. Marketing post cards make great display signs and some vendors will provide product photography that you can use in your social media to promote the line when it arrives in your store.

Stay tuned for more coverage from the summer gift shows. Stay display inspired!



Ladder Displays Step It Up

A recent retail roadtrip took us to South/Central Texas and some amazing store visits. Two small towns stood out with charming main streets filled with local, independent shops: Gruene and Boerne. Instagram played a big role in planning the Texas trip. I’m so thankful for the retailers, sales reps and gift industry friends that so generously shared suggestions for stores to visit. That’s how I found the Red Rooster in Boerne, TX.

Filled with lovely fixtures and beautifully displayed products, I’ll be sharing some of our pictures from Red Rooster in future posts and magazine articles, but here’s a simple ladder display they use to display different seasonal products throughout the year. I love versatile, simple fixtures and ladders are an all-time favorite.

Red Rooster Boerne felt birdhouses display ladder

Ideal for felted birdhouses and lanterns, the display changes with each season.

Red Rooster Boerne TX lanterns display ladder

For the holidays each year, the Red Rooster completely transforms into a Christmas store. Known for the annual Dickens on Main event, Boerne residents and visitors love the holidays!

Red Rooster Boerne TX ornaments display ladder

Ornament display at The Red Rooster in Boerne, Texas

Step ladders are available in many sizes and styles. Aluminum styles are more industrial and modern, fiberglass styles come in various colors and the traditional wooden ones with the classic paint shelf have a special charm. Mini step ladders are ideal for placing on top of display tables to add height and create additional display space. Step ladders are also popular for trade shows and craft booths as they fold flat for storage and travel and can be used as anchors for larger shelf units by using the rungs as shelf supports.

What else could we display on ladders? Leave us a comment!

Stay display inspired!